Sep 30, 2021

Eight Effective Ways to Get More Clients (and keep them rolling)

Getting new clients and keeping them coming back to your business can be stressful experience. Like every business owner, you could be looking for ideas to keep registering new customers, and ensure they come back for more, and with their friends. 

In today’s post, we share important highlights to help you attract new customers and bring them back to your business. 

1. Offer Discounts and Incentives for New Customers 

An introductory offer is a one-time purchase or a special offer designed to attract first-time customers to your business. The point is to attract brand new customers and to build your marketing list at the same time. Therefore, you collect their information on first time they register for your service, send an introductory offer to them, and keep sending marketing messages to them. An introductory offer could be a one-month free trial, or a onetime experience meant to get them thinking about your business. Do not forget to make the process as easy as possible. Remember when people are convinced; it is easier getting back to your business. Therefore, use the first time offer to turn them into return customers, and make sure what is contained in the offer reflects the type of service they will receive overtime. 

2. Send Comeback Offers

An effective strategy for ensuring you retain the customers is sending them come back offers. Unlike the introductory offers, come back offers target the customers who have not bought anything from you for a long time. Therefore, the main idea is to win back those old customers. Come back offers should be genuine. To increase the conversion rate, set a deadline to the offer. Moreover, send the comeback offers via email or text messages to the customers where applicable. When customers respond to your come back alert, keep the conversation going, and provide necessary answers. 

3. Offer Membership Perks 

Another approach of encouraging new customers and attract them back is offering them a chance to become members. Membership plans contribute towards customer loyalty and the members could spread the word to their friends and relatives. You could apply a subscription fee to the membership, so that you have a source of income even when the customer does not purchase from you that month.

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4. Introduce a Reward Program 

A loyalty reward program aims at attracting customers to keep coming to your store. Ideally, the loyalty plan involves accumulating points whenever the customers come back to your store. Therefore, the customer is encouraged to spend more at your store, so that they can accumulate as many points as possible. When the customers which to redeem the points, they should be able to do so. Therefore, such a reward program is meant to increase the comeback rates, and ensures the customers want to do business with you. Besides, valuable customer reward plans create a buzz around your brand, encouraging new customers to register for your services. Ensure the customer loyalty program is advertised widely, in order to attract a maximum number of customers to your store. 

5. Keep the Experience Relevant and Fresh

To give the customers a reason to keep shopping at your store, make sure you provide fresh and relevant offers to them. Continuing to hone and improve the services is the best approach for keeping the customers experience fresh. Ideally, the customers should not feel bored by your services. Focus on providing new experiences. To do so, you need to understand what the customer’s value, and make sure you know what they anticipate at all times. Remember to articulate to existing clients what is new, and highlight the benefits. Changes and updates provide more reasons to interact with your customer base. Remember to always surprise the existing customers by offering something beyond their expectations. By ensuring new experiences, the customers will feel delighted and excited every time you purchase from them. 

6. Make It Easy For Customers to Reach You 

Making it easy for customers to contact your business is the key when it comes to acquiring new leads. By having your contact information readily available, you build trust and increase the number of leads acquired. Besides, when customers can contact you with ease, it can increase revenues since customers will have pre-sale questions or even need assistance in registering. Here are important tips to make sure your customers ca reach you with ease. 

  • Displaying the contact information prominently
  • Provide an chatbot on your website 

  • Ensure there is an option to reach a human
  • Add frequently asked questions and answers on the website and brochures 

  • Reach out via social media platforms 

  • Offer a live chat session on social media

Therefore, implementing either or the entire above options make it easier for the customers to reach your business. That way, you can build trust and drive customer engagement, which means more sales for your business. 

7. Perfect The Current Customer Care 

An effective way of landing more customers is ensuring the current customers are satisfied. Therefore, you need to train your team on how to ensure customer satisfaction and provide the tools for collecting customer feedback based on the services you have delivered. Therefore, with satisfied customers you stand a chance for building a positive reputation, and accumulate the number of customer’s overtime. 

Remember that happy customers will spread the work about your business to their friends and relatives. Today, the happy customers will post their experience on social media, providing a greater opportunity for attracting new customers. 

8. Build an Active Social Media Presence 

If you are not leveraging social media tools to acquire new customers, they you could be missing out on millions of prospects. Social media could help you acquire new customers and even target more customers in a personal way. However, you have to ensure you retain an active social media presence and share engaging content. Here are some ideas when it comes to using social media to attract new customers and remaining relevant:

  • Invest in social media ads 
  • Post links to your website on social media and encourage target audience to click 
  • Collaborate with influencers on social media 
  • Leverage user-generated contents to win trust
  • Provide an excellent customer service via social media platforms 

According to statistics, over 90% of consumers use social media to talk to brands. Therefore, ensuring an active social media presence is the key to attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers. 


Are you ready to attract new customers and increase the customer retention rate? Consider the above tips to help you in increasing the customer base and attracting a higher customer retention rate. Do not forget that acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one. Therefore, ensure you are building a strong relationship with the customers throughout, to ensure a higher retention rate. 

Author Bio:- Martin Zialcita is a digital marketing consultant and coach with Prestige Marketing Pros in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been in the digital marketing business for nearly 20 years. Martin focuses on helping his clients double their income and impact without double the work by designing and implementing repeatable, scalable processes. Martin Zialcita has been featured and interviewed on multiple platforms and has helped clients grow their businesses to six, seven, and even eight figures.

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