Jun 4, 2021

Planning for a home addition - things to consider

a house with a yard

Home additions are quite a simple solution if you need more space. Sometimes we plan on expanding the family, or a relative might need to move in. Or maybe we just want to finally build that cinema room we have been dreaming about for years. Whatever the reasons, home expansions are much cheaper than buying a bigger house. Also, when the time comes to sell it, its value will go up with added space. Not to mention that your living conditions will improve. Ultimately when you start planning for a home addition, it is best to let your imagination loose and have fun with it. However, there are certain things you need to consider before you begin the work. 

Take a look at how much available space you have for home addition

Firstly, you have to look at your property lines to determine how much space you have to work with. Do this before you begin sketching up the plan and the layout. Depending on the property lines, you will see if you should build up or out. However, if you decide that expanding sideways is the best solution, you need to consider how it will impact the surrounding area. Check where the power lines, water pipes, and trees are because you might have to work around them. The same goes for your neighbor’s property. Local codes will tell you exactly how far you can build from the border as you have to respect the minimum distance. It is not something you can ignore as it is there for safety reasons, and you might get fined. 

construction work on a house
Logistically, it is simpler to expand upward because you do not have to work around a variety of obstacles 

Take care of your belongings during construction work

Once the construction work starts, your home will get filled with dirt and dust. It is unavoidable, and because the flying debris is often so small, it will take days to properly clean your home. Simply covering everything with plastic wraps will not be sufficient protection, and you will be best off placing your things in storage. If you agree this is the best course of action, you will need to find adequate space for your belongings where they can remain safe and dirt-free. Putting all your stuff into a storage unit is the best solution. Renting one for the duration of the work will not put too much strain on your budget. Take a look at the ones that are further from the city center and make sure you rent the right size one. All these things will lower the price. If you have sensitive items that need special care, rent a climate-controlled unit. Alternatively, if you have enough space in your yard, take a look at the mobile storage options. 

Set a budget before you start working on home expansion 

How much money you can spend on home addition will dictate the size of the project and not the other way round. Often people make the mistake of planning for a big project only to realize in the middle of the work that the money has run out. Thus, if you have a small budget, you have to find clever solutions to give you the much-needed space. Look at the area in your home that is just sitting there unused. For example, you can convert an attic into a bedroom or a garage into a playroom for your kids. Also, secure your finances right away because you might have a problem getting the bank lawn in today's climate. Sadly, more and more people with perfect credit scores are being turned down. 

a notebook, pen, and calculator
Put on paper all the expenses and make sure you have enough money for the entire project

Do not make the mistake of leaving everything as is because once your new space is done, it too will end up filled to the brim

Breathe fresh air into your home by decluttering

If you have lived in your home for a long time, you have probably accumulated a lot of stuff. Do not make the mistake of leaving everything as is because once your new space is done, it too will end up filled to the brim. And you will be right where you started again. Therefore, decluttering is an absolute must. Do not hesitate to throw away things you no longer use, no matter the emotional value they might have. Go through your home before the construction team arrives and put everything you do not need into boxes. If the things are in good condition, you can donate them to a local charity organization. Or, if you wish to increase your budget, organize a yard sale and spend a fun day selling everything to your neighbors and friends. 

Find the right construction company 

The most important part of adding more space to your home is finding the right people to do it. You want professionals that know how to build things that last. Investing in addition that has a five years' lifespan is a waste of money nobody needs. Therefore, you must do thorough research to find the right construction company. Check their customer reviews, testimonials and ask for recommendations. You can start everything from scratch and hire a designer and architect. Or go for a finished design that the company already has. At the same time, look for the right company to paint your home. Your new space will stand out too much if the rest of the house is in poor condition.      

a man working on a wooden beam
With the right professional and efficient construction company, your home addition will be done in no time

Be considerate to your neighbors 

Building your home addition will bring a fair amount of noise, dust, and debris. You know your life will get disrupted, but don't forget it will affect your neighbors too. Thus, before you begin, it would be considerate to inform them about your plans. Ask them when they are not at home and try to do most of the work then. Consult with your construction crew on how you can keep the noise down. Likewise, avoid working through holidays when people are celebrating and spending time with their families. But do not forget to account for it in your work schedule and add a week or two. 






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