Jun 25, 2021

Why Custom Blinds Are a Good Idea


Unlike regular ones, custom blinds are made to fit your windows’ exact measurements. These accurate measurements allow them to fit perfectly while regular blinds come in standard sizes. Custom blinds are expensive but offer many advantages over regular ones. With custom blinds, you can put together options in the colour combination you want and get attractive choices for larger windows. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose custom blinds.

Why Go for Custom Blinds?

With custom blinds, you can create many different looks. You can use them independently or pair them with curtains for a dramatic effect. Here is what they can deliver to your interior.

1. Snug Fit

Custom blinds are made to the exact measurements of your windows, leaving only a very slight gap between them and the window frames. This allows very little or no light inside, which is the reason why custom-made blackout blinds are extremely popular. 

Custom blinds also insulate better than regular ones because the reduced gap prevents outside heat and chill from entering. They also make a better fit for windows with odd shapes and sizes. 

2. Options to Personalize

Many blinds and drapery stores sell customized products that allow flexibility in terms of style as well as product types, finishes, and textures. This allows you to select from an infinite number of combinations. You can pick from fabric or wood blinds, with or without cords, for instance. 

3. Saving On Your Energy Bill

The perfect fitting delivered by custom blinds delivers considerable savings on your energy bill. Customized blinds leave little or no space for the temperature outside to influence heat or cold inside. So, once you have warmed or chilled your interior, it can stay that way for a few hours. That will save a considerable amount on your energy expenditures.

4. Aesthetics

Poorly fit blinds look shabby and distasteful. As for odd-sized windows, you will find it tedious to decorate them to your liking. The balanced and well-proportioned look of customized blinds will make your home look great.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Custom blinds come with more environment-friendly options these days. Sustainably harvested natural elements and faux materials reduce the damage done to nature while procuring them. Also, regular blinds inevitably end up in waste dumps because you will always be looking for something better.

Find a reliable blinds and drapery store that not only offers variety but quality custom work. Consult them about what you have in mind and work together to get the look you want.

Summary Custom blinds work well in all kinds of spaces for one reason: they are made to fit windows to the inch. In addition, this close fitting makes them capable of delivering multiple benefits as compared to regular blinds. Let us examine what those benefits are.

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