Jan 4, 2020

The Cost of LED Light Installation: How Much Should You Pay for Greater Efficiency?

LED lights are very popular thanks to their versatility and efficiency. Light emitting diodes (LED) are a semiconductor that converts electricity into illumination. Some people are reluctant to switch because of the cost and different terminology used when shopping for LEDs. We asked some experts from Connect Electric Adelaide if they could give us some tips on what LED’s to pick and how much you can expect to pay.

Choosing Your LED Bulbs

Instead of watts, LEDs work in lumens. Less wattage is required, so you won’t be searching for a 100w LED light. The equivalent in lumens will appear much smaller.
For example, a 40W incandescent bulb is equal to a 6W LED bulb, which is approximately 450 lumens of light output. A 10W LED generates 1,000 lumens, which is the same as a 75W incandescent bulb. And a 25W LED produces 2,500 lumens, which is the same as a 150W incandescent light.

There are also several colour options available. Most LED bulbs are available in warm white, cool white, or natural.

The Cost of LED Lights

The initial cost of an LED is higher than that of the average incandescent bulb. It may seem counterintuitive from a money-saving standpoint. However, you must look beyond the initial purchase.

LED bulbs have a very long lifespan, with some products surviving over 35,000 hours. They are also 85% cheaper to use compared to incandescent bulbs. They generate less heat, which means that your home’s cooling system won’t have to consume as much energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

If you plan to retrofit your old bulbs with LEDs, then the cost will vary based on the wattage/lumens and type of product you plan to use. A 5.3W LED costs over $7 while a 5.5W is almost $12. A standard 10W LED globe replacement will cost between $12 and $18.

You can also choose LED bulbs with smart technology that can change colour on demand. These can run upwards of $50 to $80, depending on brand, quantity, and features.

Are LED Lights Worth the Cost?

According to ThinkProgress the average price of an LED bulb has dropped by over 85% in recent years and the number of instillations have skyrocketed. There’s also the long-term cost of operation to consider.

A high-quality LED bulb costs approximately $4 per year to run. It would take five or more incandescent bulb replacements to equal the lifespan of one LED.

LED lights are also cheaper to run compared to halogen bulbs. You’ll spend over $250 more in operation costs and replacements to run halogen bulbs compared to the price of LEDs.

The savings increase when you apply the replacement and running costs to your entire household. The average home has around 37 lights. When you multiply the savings, it’s easy to see why LEDs are so appealing.

Now is a great time to start switching to LED bulbs. If you can’t afford to switch all your lights, then start with one or two at a time. Convert to LEDs as your old bulbs burn out. There aredifferent brightness levels to choose from as well as colours that can keep your home well-lit and comfortable.

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