Jan 13, 2020

How To Make Use Of Termite Extermination Singapore Companies For Our Properties

Most of the people are building their own house or office in their taste and effort. There are some of the attackers who destroy the building badly. Termite is one among the destroyer and there are many signs of this insect. This insect mainly lives in the dry wood like foundations, and window or door frames. They have tendency to attract towards any type of dry woods inside the building. If there are any clicking sounds in the walls, then there is a possibility of presence of termites. There are also flying termites and they are referred as swarmers and they help in making the nest inside the building. If there are any discarded wings, then this makes the presence of flying termites.

We need to understand that both ants and termites are same in size and shape. However, termites are white in color and their antennas are completely in the straight position. The waist section of the termite is thicker when compared to ants. Other common signs are damp and hot weather. The two types of termites are drywood termites and subterranean termites. The drywood termites are commonly found in the timber substance inside the building whereas, the subterranean termites are found in the soil. The drywood are found larger in size when compared to the subterranean termites. The drywood feeds on both hard and soft woods whereas, the subterranean termites feeds on only soft woods.
Type Of Treatments To Prevent And Reduce Termites:

The termite extermination Singapore helps in reducing and prevents the termites inside the building. There are two ways to destroy or prevent the termites in the building. In the dusting process, we need to make use of the termiticidal powder on the tracks of termites. Before that, we need to identify the termite tracks and type of termites present in it. By this way, the toxic substance can be transferred from one after other inside the colony. This would be considered as the common way to avoid or destroy the termites and damaging the whole structures inside the home. On the other hand, we need to make use of foaming chemicals to destroy the termites. It is applied in the suspected areas by making tiny holes. When the termites are in contact with the chemicals, it does not destroy the termite immediately; rather it will destroy in larger amount by killing the whole colony.

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Effective Preventive Steps For Termites: 

We need to understand that if the termite colony is large and it is really hard to destroy the termites completely. Some of the ways to prevent the termites and they are: we need to monitor in a regular interval of time on the cupboards and door frames and other woods present in the building. Also, we need to cover the cracks which are formed in the house and by this way; we prevent the entrance of the termites. We need to remove the moisture level both in and around the building. We need to keep on tapping the solid wood if there are any termites or not.

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