Dec 13, 2019

An ultimate guide to portable storage units

Portable storage units are blessings in plain sight. These are extremely large sturdy containers that allow you to store your personal belongings for the desired amount of time. These portable storage units can then be kept on your property or moved elsewhere based on your requirements.

What does the process of using a portable storage unit entail?

There are several unanswered questions regarding the use of portable storage units. What is the ideal size of the unit required? What are the criteria for renting them? How do you move these storage units? Do they add to your hassle of moving out or do they help in the process?

Here's the ultimate guide that would answer most of these questions and help you to maximize the utility of these portable storage units.

Portable storage units or Self-storage facility

You might face the dilemma while selecting the kind of storage service you want to opt for. While both options have pros and cons choosing a portable storage unit as the way to go ahead would save you time as you will not have to drive to the storage facility and also allow you to have 24/7 access to your belongings which isn’t offered by most storage facilities having the self-storage option. Portable storage units also allow you to load the objects at ground level which is a much more convenient option than loading heavy objects on elevated moving trucks.

Decide the size of the container

Once you figure out that you are proceeding with portable storage units, you need to decide the size of the units as per your requirement. This decision should be based on the number of belongings you need to store and the area available in your backyard if you plan on keeping the unit on your property for a long time. You have options to choose from a unit sized from 5x5to one sized 10x 30. You can personalize the dimensions as per your requirements.

Ask for additional features

It is advised to inquire whether the portable storage units have amenities like climate control and also if they are waterproof. A climate-controlled unit will regulate the temperature and humidity which is necessary while storing materials like pieces of fine art or books to prevent molding. It also helps when expensive clothes or electrical appliances are kept in the storage unit as it will protect the objects from mildew or any such climatic effects depending on your geographic location.

Check the business-oriented features

If you are running a business that requires an extra long term lease for renting the portable storage unit, be sure you compare the prices between several facilities and choose the one that appears most feasible. Businesses like small restaurant owners can benefit immensely by using a storage unit as it would create more space to seat diners and also maintain the aesthetics of the place. The portability of the unit can also be useful on construction sites as it gives an opportunity to keep the heavy instruments safe throughout the period of the project and easily transfer them to new sites.

Availability of portable storage units in your locality

It is best to check whether the storage units are available on the days you desire and can be delivered to your doorstep on the same day if required. You can find these details through several online portals or by calling the storage facilities. This ensures that your process of moving, redecorating or smoothly decluttering starts because of the timely arrival of the storage units.

At last - Select the provider carefully

Once you have figured out all the details about the portable storage unit that you will require, pre-book the storage unit well in advance. List all the items that need to be stored and create a checklist so that you have an organized mindset throughout the hectic process. Also, be sure to check if there are any cancellation charges applied in case you need to reschedule the booking or cancel it altogether. Always choose the provider who offers the maximum sense of security, flexibility in terms of services and easy access.

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