Feb 20, 2017

Why You Need a Better Night of Sleep

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling groggy, tired, and lacking energy? Well, there are a lot of reasons this can happen. There are so many contributing factors to bad sleep that it can feel overwhelming to diagnose it. One way to approach this problem is to gradually remove things that you might think are negatively affecting your sleep.
For instance, if your diet is poor, you might have trouble sleeping because you’re not getting the proper nutrients required to get enough rest. If your mattress is the thing that is giving you trouble, you can replace it. There are several different things that can cause bad sleep. If you don’t have a consistent bedtime, for instance, it can be really tough for your body to adjust.

However, you might not know that sound can play an important role in the way you sleep, as well as movement. People who are trying to diagnose their sleeping habits in order to improve them often overlook these two contributing factors.

Shifty Bed
Is your bed squeaky or springy? Does it make noise when you go to sleep? If it does, this actually might be a bigger problem than you think. You see, when you get into bed, you might move around several times in order to get comfortable. When you do this, you are actually making noise if your bed is not sturdy. This sound disruption is much more important than you think.

When people go to sleep, they need a lulling sound whether it’s the hum of a fan or some other white noise. If your bed is really shifty and wobbly, you will disrupt the sound and your body will naturally stay awake. And the same can apply to movement. If you move around a lot, you won’t fall asleep as quickly. And if the whole bed moves when you do, the problem can become magnified.

A Great Solution
While a mattress can be a great solution, you might not know that the frame is actually contributing to a lot of noise and movement as well. You might want to consider getting a new metal bed that’s built by experts who know how important it is for everything to be silent and sturdy.

Even with an older mattress, the frame can make all the difference. Part of the reason that beds can get so noisy is really actually because of the frames. Now, there are several different frame makers out there but if you can find a way to test some out before making a purchase, you’ll end up making a wiser decision.

Getting a new frame can really make a big difference. There are several different kinds out there but metal ones are usually the sturdiest and will not creak the same way wooden frames can. Diagnosing your sleeping habits can be tricky but narrowing down the problems gradually can really help you sleep better at night and will definitely help you feel more energetic and even healthier during the day when you need to stay awake and focused.

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