Feb 2, 2017

Cabinet Refacers: The Perfect Alternative to Cabinet Painters

If you have had your kitchen cabinets for years and need to refurbish their primitive life and sheen, then get yourself a professional refacer. Refacing is the most inexpensive and usually the fastest way to restore your dreary looking cabinets.
Old, well-worn cabinets might look so bad that they need to be replaced or refaced. But unless you want an entirely different layout, finding a highly experienced refacer may be the right solution. Most cabinet painters apply one or two layers of paint to transform the color and leave it at that. On the other hand, cabinet refacers do more than just conceal an outdated look with a fresh one. They thoroughly clean and prime your cabinets, ensuring the finest adhesive surface.

Unlike customary painters who don’t always fill the wood wholly, cabinet refacers offer a solution that’ll fully cover the wooden grains and give your cabinetry a cleaner, on-trend look. And while cabinet painters can take more than one week to complete their job, modern refacers cure the finish immediately!

Simple, convenient, and inexpensive

The basic renewal task requires no color change and causes minimal wear on you’re the surface of your cabinets. Grease and dirt are easily removed, and touch-up is done quickly and timely. You’ll love the expediency, along with the beautiful shine and luster this package will bring to your worn-out cabinets. Items can be left untouched inside the cabinets and drawers without disrupting the work. Unlike conventional remodeling, most tasks are completed within two days, which is both economical and convenient.

Unique color shifts for an entirely new look

Color changes are often performed to eliminate the yellowing look wooden materials get from weary oil-based finishes. This’s an excellent idea if you want a darker tone for your cabinetry. This design can really liven up your space giving it an entirely fresh, stunning appearance. The color change service seeks to refurbish any sun-faded areas and reinstate the overall atmosphere of your kitchen.

The complete color transformation on cabinets entails a much more dramatic upshot. Often, the modification will involve moving from a golden oak tone to a cherry, black or walnut finish. The process undertaken by refacers far surpasses the results you will get from cabinet painters. Just choose any color or finish style, and your preferred cabinet refacer can perfectly match it.  Doors and drawer fronts are remodeled to complement the newly installed veneers. New knobs, pulls, hinges and molding make the transformation exclusively complete. A detailed color change takes three to five days to complete.

Cabinet refacing offers countless benefits, including:
·         Affordability. The cost of refacing your cabinets is half that of full replacement
·         Simple and hassle-free. It’s less stress than tearing out your kitchen cabinets
·         Minimal disruption. Your kitchen remains functional throughout the refacing period
·         Environment-friendly. It’s a green-friendly remodeling option because you aren’t contributing to the landfill

Refacing your kitchen cabinets is far much better than replacing as it’s simple, affordable, and fast. Get the best refacer today and watch your kitchen get a whimsical look within five days!

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