Feb 22, 2017

Common Signals for Roof Repairs

Most people do not change roofs after the specified period. They wait until they know that it is time to change their roofs. There are some of the signs that should help you know when it is time to change your roofs.
1)    Roof age
When you buy your roofs the contractor will tell you how long the roofs may stay in their good condition therefore you need to identify how old your roofs are. Most roofs are estimated to stay for 20-25 years but it also depends on how many layers of roofs you put and if the roof is well ventilated.

2)    Shingles
Once the shingles start curling and buckling then you should start planning on changing your roofs. In this case you need to look at the slopes that get direct sunlight in your home and if there are signs of the shingles curling or they happen to lose their granules then it means that your shingles are old and need to be changed.

3)    Roof valleys
Roof valleys is the path where water flows down to the gutters, and if the shingles are missing then it means that the valley is interfered with and the water will not reach the gutters. This will later lead to the roof leaking which could destroy the structure of your house.

4)    Missing shingles
Another sign that you need to change your roof is if you start seeing missing shingles or you notice that some of the shingle tabs are not intact. This a sign that roof may be falling off, which may be caused by a heavy storm or rain. After some shingles are off it could lead to destruction of the house since in case it rain it may rain inside too hence you need to start thinking of how to change your roofs.

5)    Chimney flashing
If you happen to start flashing some roof cement then it is important to start thinking of changing your roof since it is a sign that your roof is wearing out.

6)    Granulation
It is important to check your gutters to see if there are any shingle granules. Granulation may be normal but if it happens frequently or in large amounts then it means that the roofs are wearing out. If there are granules then it is a sign that you need to change your roofs since this a sign that the roofs are old enough because roofs tend wear out by losing their granules if their life cycle is almost over. If the roofs also change their color and turn black it is a sign that the roof granules are wearing out and hence you need to change the roofs.

7)    Rotting wood
In case you see any part of the woods starting to rot then you need to consider getting a new roof. Most of the rotting is found on your roof valley, eaves and the walls which are one of the rare cases that most people are concerned on looking at.

8)    Moss and algae formation
If you notice that your roof has moss or algae on it then it means that the roof has trapped in a lot of moisture which will lead to the destruction of the roof completely hence lose its value. Moss and algae are also not pleasing to look at therefore may cause embarrassment to you therefore, it is a cause for new roofs.

9)    Sagging of the inner ceiling
If the internal ceiling start to sag then it means that the roofs is leaking and it mostly happens after it has rained heavily. The ceiling may also start staining due to the leaking roofs.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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