Feb 20, 2017

Brook vs. Khan: Who’s Winning The Bout?

Amir Khan, a former unified light-welterweight world champion and Kell Brook, the current IBF welterweight titleholder, are set to face off in a bout on Sunday, 28th May. The fight came about after much insistence from Khan’s side. Khan wanted a fight with Brook and he got his wish in December last year when the bout was officially announced. With the fight only a few months away, people have started to predict their winner. In case you haven’t bet yet, following is some useful information for you.

Termed by many as the biggest face-off in the UK this year, Khan vs. Brook is a fight many people in Australia are looking forward to. Most people in Australia are backing Khan to win the fight as he has bit of reputation here. Though, to tell you the truth, Khan and his career have been unnecessarily hyped. A quick look at his record and you’ll know that he’s done little to deserve the tag of being one the very best in his business. In fact, one more knockout for Khan would put his career on the brink of extinction. The fight against brook is a like a do or die for Khan: win and get the kudos, lose and wave goodbye to a ‘supposedly’ illustrious career. If you’re a punter, this is one of those fights where you want to take advantage of a bluebet bonus.

Of late, Khan has been very vocal about how he’s going to knock out Brook and resurrect his career, but is that really going to happen? Well, the common argument is that Khan would easily beat Brook because the latter has not fought any ‘elite’ fighters to date. I’ll counter this argument by saying that every champion starts somewhere and the fight against Khan could be the first of Brook’s many wins against the so-called elite fighters. Though, I won’t be surprised if Khan brings his A-game to the fight and silences all his doubters including me.

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There are many reasons why I’m not backing Khan to win. First of all, in almost every fight, Khan has his moment of madness where he loses his cool and consequently points. Secondly and more importantly, not much power is required to knockout Khan and we all know about the power Kell Brook possesses. To be honest, Amir Khan is longer the boxer he was 3 to 4 years ago. A major reason for this is him moving up a weight category. Right now, Khan isn’t as fast as he was in the early days of his career. Additionally, he’s never had a great defence and his range judgment is getting poorer by the day.

Regardless of what’s been said above, Khan would win the bout if both he and Brook brought their A-game to the fight. The fight would probably last 4 to 5 rounds before Khan is adjudged the winner via a unanimous decision. What I just said is just a prediction based on the boxing I’ve seen in my lifetime. To find out what really happens, tune into your favourite sports channels on Sunday, 28th may to watch Brook vs. Khan live. 

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