Jan 5, 2017

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

Nowadays, there are so many real estate agents that you can find both online and offline. While these agents may have similar properties to sell, there's something about each of them that differs from the last one. And if you're looking to buy a property, you need to conduct business with someone who knows what he is talking about. At the same time, you need to find a real estate agent that can truly help you find a property suitable to your needs.
With so many real estate agents available out there, how do you find one to trust? Here are some of the top characteristics every good agent must possess:

#1: Local Knowledge
First and foremost, you need to find an agent who knows the ins and outs of the area where you are interested in purchasing property in. Even if he does not personally live in the vicinity, he should be responsible enough to do his research on the area. A good agent should know some key details about the area where the property is. With this knowledge, he will be able to answer any of the answers you have; especially if you are planning to live in the area.

#2: Diligent without Being too Pesky
Every individual wants to deal with someone who is diligent enough with what they are doing. But there is a very fine line between diligence and being pesky. You need to look for an agent who manages to balance this so you won't get tired of how they're bombarding you with updates on your decision.

#3: Organized
A secret shared by many of the top agents in the world is that they know how to be organized with their work. Even if they are selling a property in a hard-to-sell market, their attention to detail gives them the edge over others. These agents make sure that they do everything they can to make a property saleable to a potential customer. And in order to do so, they want to make sure their listing is the best there is.

#4: Presentable
Anyone in the sales industry makes sure they look presentable at all times. This is something that you should look for in a credible real estate agent. The agent must make you feel at ease when you are doing business with him and will exude confidence in the property they are selling. In doing so, prospective buyers will see that the property would be an excellent choice as the agent believes so too.

#5: Well-Connected
People tend to trust someone who is well-connected, particularly with those who are well-known individuals. This is because they know that the agent they are dealing with is someone that their friends also know. And if the agent comes with a referral, it is most likely because he has done a good job with a previous buyer. You should also look for someone like this so you know what you are getting yourself into when you are buying property.

#6: Swift to Respond
Professional real estate agents know how to value their prospective buyers' time as much as their own. This is why they make sure to respond to every inquiry or email they receive. They do so in a happy manner, knowing that how they treat their potential customers may impact their ability to close a deal in the end. For this reason, they see to it that their clients feel important.

#7: Updated with Technology
With the different types of technology available, real estate agents already know which ones are most crucial to them. This is why they don't solely rely on having a smartphone to conduct business. Whenever they are with a client, they make sure to produce their iPad and an internet connection so they can show some of the properties they are selling. In some cases, they even have their own website to refer to potential clients.

#8: Maintain Regular Communication
Whenever they are dealing with a potential customer for the first time, the agent makes sure that he explains everything clearly. This includes all the details the client would need to know about the property as well as any potential roadblocks that may occur during the sale. They are great communicators and continue to improve their skills by attending different seminars and workshops on how to be better at their line of work.

#9: Value Honesty
A reliable real estate agent is one who values honesty. They make sure that they tell the truth to their clients, even if it would cost them a property to sell. Because of this, their customers know they can be trusted with their purchases.

Finding a reliable real estate agent can be a tough task. But if you are careful with your assessment on whom to trust, you'll be able to find one who can help you make a good decision with your real estate purchase. And that is the most important thing you can get.

Written by the experts at Columbia Real Estate, the most knowledgeable agents for real estate in Columbia, MO.

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