Jan 9, 2017

5 Garden Design Ideas to Make a Small Garden Look Amazing

Having a great design for your garden might not sound hard to do, but it is. There can be quite a lot of challenge when you try to find a good, actionable design that works great for your garden. Even if you have a small garden, there are still plenty of ideas that you can check out if you want to beautify it.

The primary focus here is ease of use. You shouldn’t focus on something else other than ease of use here. You just need to come up with ideas that are creative and which will help beautify your garden very fast.

We know that beautifying your garden does come with its set of challenges. Here you have the ideas that you might need!

Group plants that have the same flower color and foliage

The reason why you would want to do that is rather simple. Grouping plants will make the entire garden seem a lot larger. Of course, if you add many flowers with the same color you also have a very distinct visual impact that you do not want to miss for sure.

It all comes down to the clever use of colors and positioning. Believe it or not, the entire process is rather easy to do, and you will be more than impressed with the great value that can be delivered here.

Sure, you may want to leave some breathing room for your garden, but as a whole, you will like the value offered here. If you want to expand your garden design, the last thing you want to do is to add multiple colors as that will just make the place seem smaller.

This is a great experience and one that does provide you with an excellent set of results. You have to add balance and focus on repetition. It’s a great process, one which can be fun to do and the value can pay off immensely in the longer term. So, don’t hesitate to start grouping your flowers as the value can pay off all the time.

The technique works if you want to plant along the edge of the garden. When it comes to the most popular colors, you will see that blue, gray, silver and white are some of the best colors for this type of experience.

Add some garden art
Garden art is not only visually appealing; it’s designed to enhance the visuals of your garden and many times it will help you take your garden to the next level. The entire experience is very enjoyable, plus you can feel free to opt for items that reflect your ideas or personality.

There are no restrictions here, aside from the fact that you should consider using smaller garden art pieces to get the results you want. Just sitting back and figuring out what can beautify that space should be more than enough. If possible, try to focus on portable decorating. This is a very good idea and it allows you to move your decorative art to other regions of your small garden if you want.

Use colorful pots
A trend that more and more small garden owners are adopting comes from adding colorful pots. The reason why you would to that is very easy to understand. You can draw the eye towards a specificarea or you can just guide the viewer towards a statement flower that you might have in that region. The value can be great here, all you have to do is to give this a shot and the outcome can be worth it. The focal pot has to be larger when compared to the other ones.

If you do this, you will create a sense of unity and the overall results will be a lot better in the end. Plus, you should try to make sure that each plant is nurtured properly, as this is critical.

Opt for a feature
The idea here is that you will need to try and finda plant that will attract the eye of each person. The statement piece is critical. It can be a plant, or you can opt for a piece of furniture, garden art and so on as your statement piece. You are free to choose the option you want here, and the experience can pay off.

The garden visuals will be better, plus you will get to increase the overall appeal of your garden. It takes a little bit of time until you iron out all the details, but the value can be nothing short of amazing if you do this properly. Edible art can be a very good idea too, if you have any.

Use vertical space
One of the best garden design ideas for people that have small gardens is that you can use vertical spaces. Even if there is not a lot of horizontal space, that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t harness the vertical side of things. That’s why vertical spaces like walls, hanging baskets, containers and railings can be great as they will help you with further decorating the overall experience.

A good idea here would be to use only a select few materials; you don’t want to opt for too many of them. Keep in mind the demands that each plant might have. Some plants have different restrictions in regards to what you can place near them, and the value can be worth it in the end.

At the end of the day, beautifying a garden is all about finding the unique style you want and making the most of what you already have. It might take some time until you iron out all the details, but the overall value can be second to none in the end.

You should consider these ideas if you want to take your small garden to the next level. Not only are these actionable, but the experience of using them can be amazing. Plus, your garden visitors will be very impressed with the results!

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