Jan 23, 2017

Quality Checks Need Not Be Difficult For Your Company

Looking to maintain some sort of control in your quality when operating in China? It is a fact that many foreign companies often see China as the next best place to set up their operations. However, China also has its own set of rules and regulations that may seem very foreign to international companies. That is why there is more and more demand for solutions that incorporate quality control in China.
When Licenses Count The Most

Ensuring your partners have all of the licenses required for them to operate their business is a vital step that your company must first verify. If your partners do not have the required certifications to operate then this could be very disastrous for your side as it will seem like you knowingly worked with illegitimate sources. 

Having their business licenses checked is a great way to ensure that every partner your company works with has a right to operate within boundaries. This method of checking your partners also happens to be the most basic inspection of them all and of course, your company will need to determine the best solution that it needs to verify its partners.

Why Basic Audits Might Not Be Sufficient

Another way to ensure that your partners is capable of running their businesses legally in China, you should let them undergo a basic factory audit to verify their processes. This QC inspection service is not comprehensive but it does allow your company to look at certain areas of their partner’s operations and processes.

The audit is able to look at how the company deals with packaging and whether they have everything they need in order to operate as your official partner company. This sort of audit is also great for companies that run on a tight budget and who do not see the need for a more comprehensive type of auditing.  

When You Need The Fullest Audit Of Them All

This is often a popular choice for companies who have selected brand new partners and wish to evaluate everything about their internal processes. These full audits can take days if not weeks to complete and can cost way more money than the options listed above. However, it is also able to give you all the information your company needs to determine for sure whether the partner is worth working with or not.

Of course, regardless of which type of Chinese quality control service inspection you ask your partners to undergo the first time, you should also remember that you need to have them go through it again every year or so. This is to ensure they continue to remain operating within the law and do not pose any risks to your company. 

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