Jan 10, 2017

How to Use Mosquito Water Tablets for Effective Home Mosquito Control

Nobody likes mosquitoes, and while we sort of expect them when we are camping or hiking and enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors, having them at home is not something most of us find acceptable. Most of us have a lot more control over the environment than we do when we travel away from home. Walking around our lawns and park strips every few days, or even more often, will keep us aware of what is going on that will affect our families. Finding standing water in containers such as empty flower pots, pet bowls, and bird baths is normal and with frequent water changes, shouldn't allow mosquitoes to breed too much.
mosquito water tablets
It's where rainwater collects that doesn't evaporate in a few days that can cause overpopulation of mosquitoes to happen. This can happen very quickly, too! One thing that seems to work for many is to trap mosquitoes. This way, it doesn't matter where they come from. If they have standing water in a shady area, they'll use it as a baby mosquito nursery. This is what mosquito water tablets come in. Placed in a mosquito trap, or even in an area that won't drain off, or evaporate, these tablets keep mosquito larva from turning into mosquitoes. They never grow up, and they never leave the water to buzz around, looking to bite you and your youngsters.

These should always be used in a shady place, to keep the water they are in from evaporating. If you place the tablets inside of traps, that's even better because the adult mosquitoes laying eggs won't escape, either. Mosquitoes of all varieties can carry diseases that can make us very sick. Their itchy bites have also been known to create such a problem for young children that the kids end up with secondary infections. That isn't any fun for the child or his or her Mom, either!

Using tablets will provide you with an effective mosquito control without fumes or sprays, and without needing to apply lotions or other mosquito repellents to your kids' skin. While some experts say that these are safe to use when the directions are followed, not only are they uncomfortable to wear, but we've all heard of stories where substances were thought by experts to be safe only to find out years later that they were really very harmful. It's better to eliminate the problem with as little as possible exposure as possible, and this is an excellent way to accomplish the task.

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