Oct 19, 2016

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Roof

For an apartment to be effective in its service to the dwellers, it has to have a well-maintained roofing. While roofing is made to dwell for long periods of time, it also needs replacement and maintenance to keep it effective. Here are some of the things to observe in an effort to determine when a roof needs replacement.
Some roofs when leaking do not necessarily need to be replaced rather to be repaired. However, a leaking roof is an indication that the roof is worn out and might need replacing soon. With a leaking roof, repairs need to be done with immediate effect to prevent more leaks from happening. Leaking roofs are more likely to be rendered useless as the leaks reduce the durability of the roof by gathering damaging bacteria.

     Curling Shingles
In some cases, shingles curl upwards and sometimes underneath themselves as a result of incorrect installations, flawed materials, or lack of ventilation. When this happens, it is an implication that the roof needs immediate attention. A replacement of the roof is important especially for buildings within areas that have strong winds.

     Growth of Algae
Spores thrive in dumpy areas, they are transported using air and are therefore likely to thrive at any given place especially on rooftops. Algae, like leakages, reduce the durability of a roof. Therefore, a sign of it is an indication that a roof is in need of replacement. While replacement helps do away with the problem, one can maintain the roof using scrubbing to clean off the algae.

     Deterioration of Covering of a Roof
The growth of algae and mold can bring destruction to the cover of a roof when a roof is destroyed to this point; it is a clear indication that it needs replacing. The algae or mold brings about the destruction by decaying the roof causing the roof to sag and eventually collapse as a result of being weak.

     Peeling of Paint
Cracking of outside paint on the roof is another indication that shows that a roof is in need of repair.  Most people, however, tend to overlook this sign; it causes the steady destruction of the roof by making it vulnerable to all the other issues.

     Age of the Roof
When a roof is continually repairing, it is impossible to notice signs that it might need replacement. Therefore one needs to consider the age of a roof in determining whether or not the roof needs replacing. It is said that a good roof needs to last for 12 to 20 years, therefore if a roof is approaching 20, it needs replacing.

     Sunshine Through Roof Boards
Another sign that a roof is in need of replacing is when the roof board lets in daylight into the room. If rays of sun find a way into a room through the roof, it is an indication that the board and consequently the roof is old.

     Stained Ceilings
Water stains are a common occurrence in most ceilings, the water stains cause mold and are an indication that the roof has a problem. This problem could be as a result of the roof aging or incorrect underlying fitting. Most people opt to repaint the ceiling to cover up the stains. However, the best solution is to replace the roof which is most often than not the cause of the problem. 

In conclusion, the replacement of a roof might not be ideal for most people. However, it is a crucial part of maintenance and upkeep of a good house and therefore unavoidable. You take caution by applying different prevention methods.

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