Oct 27, 2016

Protecting Your Home from a Break-In

Protecting your family is the most important thing for any of us, though we all may do it in different ways. One of the ways that you can make sure your family is safe is by installing the proper window protection to keep out intruders. Alongside quality locks on your doors, protecting your windows can really make it difficult for someone to get into your home if you don’t want them there. With all the different types of protection however, you may want to consider what’s really available.
Bars on Your Windows

The first thing you can choose for window protection in Naples FL are bars on the windows. Bars are typically found only in certain neighborhoods and those who live in nicer areas of town tend to not use them. This doesn’t necessarily mean the area is safer, but it does mean that aesthetics are more important than other things and these individuals would prefer not to have the look of bars on their windows. Instead, they opt for other things that will keep people out and make sure they are safe on the inside when someone comes knocking.

Security Locks

On top of the normal locks that can be placed on your windows, there are advanced locks available as well. You can actually get these higher quality locks added on to make it more difficult to pop open a window. Of course, this isn’t going to stop someone from breaking the glass to get in, but it makes it more complicated just to push the window up and open when there’s this more difficult and heavier duty lock blocking the way on top of the standard locks that are present on all windows.

Security Glass

Another option that’s popular in stores and businesses but not in homes is security glass, which is nearly impossible to break by normal means and, if it does break, has wires throughout it that make it more difficult and time consuming to get through. These types of glass are a lot thicker than standard glass, which makes them a lot more difficult to get through in the first place but they are not the same as bullet-proof glass which is even more complex and is usually used only on secure areas or where theft or burglary could be a bigger problem.

Security Alarm

If you really want to keep yourself protected, even after someone gets into your home, security alarms can be installed on the windows as well. This makes sure someone knows that you’ve had a break-in as soon as it happens, without you actually having to call for emergency services yourself. The alarm could be a silent one or a loud one and will immediately trigger as soon as a window has been broken or opened without authorization. It’s definitely a way to make sure you’re going to have help on the way.

No matter what options you choose, there are plenty of things that can help you stay protected, so make sure you know what they are. For more information on any of these, make sure to check here.

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