Oct 8, 2016

Home Design Trends in 2017: The Expected Game-Changers

Despite the construction and design trends that come and go in each passing year, the fact that durability and sustainability of home living is still of utmost importance and is still evident in Sydney. If you want to obtain ideas for your dream house or you want to renovate a part of your home, you would surely want to visit homes in Sydney. For sure, they have the latest trends and ideas that might fit your personality and your needs.
Bamboo flooring -image:pixabay.com
In fact, as the year 2017 nears, you can expect today’s homes to be filled with new trends on home design. They come long quite slowly as the year progresses, but you come to see them, you most likely to be attracted by them. From colours, shapes, and other materials, to numerous decorations and prints, you can definitely see these trends on both the façade and the interior of the new houses. You can expect that the new homes throughout the year express not just functionality, but also address creativity and versatility; things that you expect to have if you want to build a home from scratch or rebuild your existing home.

Thus, here are some of the best trends you can expect in new Sydney homes next year:

  • In terms of colour, the shade known as “coral reef,” with a hex value of #6606, is deemed as 2017’scolour. It signifies that brighter things are expected in the future, creating a refined yet youthful vibe. The colour can be painted on an accent wall or on the façade of the home, and can be paired with green, violet or any shade of white or grey. Aside from this colour, there are other viable ones that can be found in new homes next year, from mustard yellow to shades of blue, pink, and purple.  

  • In terms of flooring, bamboo flooring is expected to revive its almost lost glory in the interior designing scene. The great thing about bamboo flooring is that it can fit small tiles or can go well with long planks, and can be installed in rooms where people regularly roam around such as hallways, as well as in areas where moisture is widespread. Colour combinations and textures may involve only a single colour but with different shades.
  • Display homes often have simulations of certain objects that can be found inside them. You can expect to see certain imitation technologies found inside these houses, including imitation security cameras and motion sensors specially made for pets. Indeed, the need to equip a home with these gadgets is a 2017 trend, especially more so that they can be purchased at a reasonable price and can be installed easily on strategic parts of the home.
  • In terms of metal finishes, the metal copper is something to be expected in many new Sydney houses this 2017. A fixture hanging from a ceiling, an ornamental vase or pot displayed in the living room, or the metal railings of the staircases may showcase this metal.
  • Interior design of most homes in 2017 is expected to have both old and new concepts. Lines and shapes are curved and organic, respectively, which help significantly change the outlook of the whole interior and decorative designs of the houses.

These are just some of the expected trends that can be found in new Sydney homes moving forward in 2017. If you like to obtain ideas for your dream home this 2017, you may want to visit display homes, browse online, read home design publications and magazines. The more you know about the most trendy home designs in 2017, the better your chances at achieving your dream home’s design.

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