Oct 29, 2016

A Healthier Home Begins with Your HVAC System

As a result of recent health and safety research, people are now more aware how important indoor air quality improvement is for their well-being. Advances in technology have brought about several new products which make the air we breathe much safer and healthier. Before modern times, we didn’t even know that air-borne bacteria were a threat to our health. Now, bacteria and viruses are a well-known issue; and it is even standard for places such as hospitals to install air purification systems in their HVAC units to combat these invisible pathogens. There are other ways to improve the indoor air quality as well, and you can consult with your residential HVAC technician in Sacramento CA for more information.
Upgrade Your Air Filter

The most basic way to improve your indoor air quality is to install a better air filtering system. There are two new products that can do this. One is a media filter, and the other is an electrostatic air filter. A media filter is a highly efficient woven fiber filter that is generally between three to five inches thick. It’s meant to replace all of the one-inch filters throughout the home and is only changed once or twice a year. An electrostatic filter is washable and uses electric current and static electricity to catch microscopic particles and forms of bacteria as air passes through it.

Replace Your Ductwork

A duct network is highly susceptible to dust accumulation as well as microorganisms, especially the old fiberglass box-type ducts. Whatever particles may have gotten through your old air filters are now clinging to the inside of the duct system. Really, the only way to completely clean it is to replace it altogether. You can even ask your technician to install one of the new eco-friendly ductwork systems. These ducts are even more efficient at trapping the temperature inside them, preventing heat from leaking in or out of them, ultimately saving you money on your utility bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

Consider Ultraviolet Devices

Hospitals have used UV-C Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation for decades. Now, a form of this technology is cost-efficient enough for residential use. So what is it? Basically, UV-C is a spectrum of light that kills microorganisms. In the HVAC industry, a technician installs one or several bulbs emitting ultraviolet light on the inside of the air handling unit to prevent the growth and spread of harmful viruses and bacteria. There is even a model that goes inside the ductwork to constantly purify and sanitize the air.

If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, stuffy nose, or asthma, these could be symptoms of poor indoor air quality in the home. You’ll want to contact an experienced HVAC system installer and repair facility in order to ensure your indoor air quality stands to be improved. Consulting with professionals, along with a family doctor, helps to ensure your home is the healthiest place to be. 

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