Mar 28, 2014

New Ways to be Eco-Friendly

People are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle. The commitment starts at home with everyday decision, and it extends to all areas of your life. Whether you’re calling for pest control services or it’s time to make the home more energy efficient, there are green solutions you can use to be good to the environment and your personal budget. Here are some of the surprising ways that families across the nation can go green.
Water Heater Blankets
Hot water tanks work by maintaining water at a steady temperature. Tanks that have more insulation don’t have to work as hard to keep the water hot. They’re more energy efficient and last longer. You don’t have to go out and buy a new tank because a specially designed covering can make your existing one more efficient. It’s also helpful to insulate hot water pipes to keep that water at the highest temperature possible.

Air Duct Leaks
Treating air costs money, and you don’t want to lose that money through gaps and cracks in your ductwork. When the ducts are properly sealed, more of the heated or cooled air will make it into your living space. This takes the strain off your HVAC system so it will last longer, and it also helps you lower energy bills.

Recycling Jeans
Everybody loves those soft jeans that look and feel great, but even your favorite jeans will have to be disposed of at some point. In the past, worn out denim went to landfills and slowly broke down, but modern recycling efforts have changed that. It can now be turned into insulation to block heat transfer and keep your home a more consistent temperature. It’s also resistant to fire, termites and rodents as an added bonus.

planet orange is one company offering all of these services and more. You’re committed to going green, and you may not have considered these smart ideas. All of these options will help you save money while also being eco-friendly and a good steward of the planet.

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