Mar 25, 2014

Easy Tips for Hiring the Right Plumber and Electrician — South Yarra Area

Easy Tips for Hiring the Right Plumber and Electrician South Yarra Area -Remember these wise words from Franz Kafka when it comes to your home’s maintenance: “Better to have and not need, than to need and not have.” Normally you wouldn’t rely on one of the most influential and existential writers to manage the inner workings of your home. But Kafka’s words will ring true when your toilet suddenly floods the bathroom or when a tripped wire causes overheating and threatens a fire in your kitchen.

When you’ve got a home that unexpectedly stops functioning, you don’t want to settle for just another plumber or some electrician. South Yarra is home to many tradies and you will need to sort out the right specialist for your home maintenance and repair needs — even before you need them. Try the following tips.

Get recommendations from the right people.
Who would know the best tradies than other people who have hired them? Real estate agents, contractors, construction companies — that neighbour of yours who knows which plumbers and electricians to hire, at the best rates; ask for their recommendations.

Asking for recommendations early on and before any repairs have to be done will help you choose the most qualified specialist. This will also allow you to make those frantic phone calls for an emergency service in the middle of the night. Imagine if your bathroom is flooded or you smell overheated wires at 11 p.m. and you don’t have a contact number for a Malvern plumber or electrician.

Make sure your specialist is certified and insured.
Certifications ensure that your plumber or electrician adheres to the required Australian standards in his field while insurance guarantees you’re covered for whatever happens during a repair or maintenance job.

Know about the services offered.
The more wide-ranging services are offered, the better. You don’t want your plumber or electrician limited to certain systems. Maybe you only need the customary electrical safety check but later on you might require security system or data cabling installation. Maybe a pipe blockage is determined as the cause of a plumbing issue now, but what if problems with your HVAC system need much more advanced equipment to detect issues?

Always go with a Toorak plumber and electrician who can offer you the most comprehensive services, along with the best technology to solve issues and do repairs.

A final word: If you can get both specialists from one company, do so. This will save you time and effort in finding and hiring the right plumber and electrician.

About the Author:  Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”. His craft involves DIY concepts and he likes to share guidelines and tips about stuff on home improvement. He writes and reads almost anything that can hone his skills and increase his knowledge about DIY concepts. Kenneth shares easy home improvement guides through writing. He recommends going for a service provider that takes care of both plumbing and electrical issues in one go such as

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