Mar 4, 2014

Just Bought a New Home? Here's Why You Need Emergency Cover -When you purchase a new home, though you may spend a great deal of time ahead of confirming your purchase looking over the home to ensure everything looks to be ship-shape you can never be a hundred percent sure that all is well behind the scenes.

For this reason, purchasing emergency cover for certain areas of your home from the moment you set foot into it after purchase is crucial, as it allows you the peace of mind of knowing that should something go wrong, you have the means of dealing with it without having to pay out enormous repair bills. The same is true whether you’re simply remodelling a room or buying a brand new home; you need to have everything protected before any problems can occur, not after.

Emergency home cover comes in many forms, the most common of which will help you out in situations such as the following:

Incase Your Boiler Needs Repairs

It goes without saying that the older the boiler in the home you’ve just bought is, the greater chance there is of it needing to be repaired from time to time.

With that said, even new boilers can sometimes need to be be repaired on a consistent basis, making repairs of this nature something you will almost certainly have to deal with at one point or another. When you have emergency cover you know you won’t fall foul to high call-out feels and repair charges, as these will all be covered in your plan.

Incase Your Radiators Pack In

Similar to the above points, boilers and radiators can be very temperamental, especially around the winter time when they’re being used the most.

If you’ve moved into a home with old radiators, though there may be no indications to suggest that these radiators won’t work well you may want to immediately get covered just to be on the safe side. Opting for central heating cover is a sensible move, as we all know how expensive these charges can be if you’re not already covered. In this situation, making sure your radiators are working at full capacity over the winter months should be your soul focus.

Incase You’re Locked Out

Getting locked out of your home is bad enough as it is, but matters are always made significantly worse when you’re hit with an absurd lock-out fee to get you back into your home.

If you feel that this is something you’re likely to do yourself (possibly on a regular basis) you may benefit from adding lockout cover to your plan to make the pain of being locked out that little bit easier to bear.

Incase Your Plumbing Gets Blocked

We may all fancy ourselves as being handy with a spanner, but there’s a good chance we’ve all experienced the horror of a botched personal plumbing job that made us wonder why we ever thought attempting to fix our plumbing ourself would ever be a good idea.

Calling out a professional plumber is expensive, but adding this onto an emergency cover plan often isn’t, therefore doing so is a great way of making sure you don’t suffer from another one of your DIY plumbing disasters…

In conclusion, when you purchase a new home you can never be a hundred percent sure that all is well behind the scenes despite how long you may spend looking over it. For this reason, purchasing emergency cover for certain areas of your home is a smart move, as it can cover repairs to your boiler, radiators, plumbing, and even pay lock-out fees if you lock yourself out.

About the Author : A company with access to a network of over 500 engineers and contractors in the country, Emergency Cover is one of the leading providers of central heating cover in the UK.

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