Mar 14, 2014

Commercial Kitchen Flooring - Some Aspects to Consider -When it comes to commercial kitchens, there are a few important considerations that one must keep in mind. Some of these considerations include:
·         cost effectiveness
·         time duration of installation of flooring and
·         durability.

Commercial kitchen flooring by their nature have to be extremely tough in so many ways. So, it would definitely be beneficial to keep a few things in mind while going in for the right flooring solutions.


A huge deal of attention must be paid to the maintenance and ease of cleanliness of commercial kitchen flooring. Even the cleanest kitchen is not devoid of spills of various kinds. It will also see heavy footfall and a bit of ‘machinery’ such as trolley carts as well. Therefore, grease marks, food spills and even oily substances should be capable of being cleaned extremely swiftly.

Antiskid properties

One of the biggest requirements from commercial kitchen flooring solutions is that they are antiskid. Even if you choose the very popular and viable epoxy flooring for your commercial kitchen, try and add some texture to it by adding options such as:
·         paint chips
·         quartz sand
·         vinyl chips and so on.

This will give your floor pretty good traction. It can become important when people are rushing about carrying heavy dishes full of food or hot substances.

Time duration

Whether you are going in for a new commercial kitchen or refurbishing an existing one, time duration for the application of commercial kitchen flooring can become a huge and important consideration. You would not like delay your project or extend the re-opening of your kitchen simply because the floor is not ready. For example, quite a few service providers when it comes to epoxy floor promise you a completed project within 24 hours. So it would be a good idea to talk to your service provider before going in for your flooring solution.


This needs to be taken into account when you are going in for various options in commercial kitchen flooring. There is no denying that most flooring solutions today offer designs, colors and patterns. However, all of them should have a good level of durability. Your commercial kitchen is going to see a lot of usage. Your floor needs to keep up with this kind of usage and furthermore, should look good for a long time to come. Otherwise, you will be stuck with the need to replace it frequently.

Thus, when it comes to commercial kitchens, you need to pay attention to durability or strength, cost effectiveness and its ability to handle all kinds of spillage.

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