Nov 21, 2011

Yellow Rice Field

A part of rural scene that you'll miss after you come back to your city life


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Liz said...

Beautiful capture! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

FM said...

Great shot!

Unknown said...

Beautiful love the colors. Fabulous capture.

eden said...

Nice shot of the rice field.

neighbor said...

it is so pretty! looks so peaceful. thanks for sharing..

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Eggroll Man?

Luna Miranda said...

i always find rice fields relaxing. must be all the green and gold.

loveablecasandra said...

I missed seeing a rice field. Living in the US, I do not know where to find one:(

Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit mine too:)

Rajesh said...

Wonderful view of the field.

Kim, USA said...

I think when it gets yellow it is ripe. ^_^
Thanks for the visit!

Yellow & Blue

Marie said...

Wow! Looks like Banaue Rice Terraces here in the Philippines.

Visiting from MYM.
The Birthday Outing

genie said...

Having never actually seen a rice field, I really enjoy looking at photos of them. They look to be so beautiful. Would love to see the people working them, too. Very pretty post. genie

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