Nov 6, 2011

How to Make Your Home Entertaining

To have a home that is great for entertaining you need a good area both indoors and outdoors. The perfect style of home for entertaining is one with a large open living area, particularly one that includes the kitchen within this space, that way the cook isn't left out of all the fun. If you prefer to entertain outdoors you need a good paved area with some quality sandstone pavers, a veranda, retractable awning or patio and a good quality barbecue.


You will need some sort of shade and shelter for an outdoor entertainment area. If your home doesn't have a veranda you can have one built or construct a patio area. If you don't want to have a shaded area out the side or back of your home all year round you can also have a retractable awning installed which means you can pull it out when you want to create a shaded area and then put it away so the sun can warm up your home in winter.


You will need either a paved area or a timber decking, depending on whether your garden slopes away from the house or you prefer the look of timber. Paving is a lot easy to lay and there are great choices of outdoor pavers available in a range of different materials. You can set up your furniture on the pavers and they also look great around an in ground pool.


For entertaining at night you will need adequate lighting if you are going to have your party outdoors. Fluorescent lighting is a bit harsh and creates a glare. For a better mood lighting turn off the overhead light and illuminate your outdoor area with garden lights or hang fairy lights in the trees. Have lights running up the side of pathways or even light some tiki lights in the garden, which are inexpensive. If you have a pool switch on the pool light to cast a lovely glow over your garden.


Whether you are entertaining indoors and enjoying the view of your garden through the windows or having a party outdoors, keep your garden tidy by weeding and trimming plants regularly. Mow the lawn or if you don't have time hire someone to come in and do it for you. Gardens look lovely at night with lights dotted through them or hang lights in the trees. For added atmosphere you might want to have a water feature installed.

Outdoor furniture

The range of outdoor furniture is fantastic. You can buy quality furniture that easily rivals your indoor settings. You can buy lounge suites that are as comfortable as your indoor set and furniture comes with all sorts of luxurious accessories like pillows, throws and table settings. If you plan on entertaining outdoors often invest in some quality furniture that will last.

Outdoor Kitchen

To create a really functional outdoor entertainment area you can install an outdoor kitchen. As well as the usual barbecue an outdoor kitchen will have plenty of bench space for food preparation and a sink for washing up.
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