Nov 9, 2011

5 Awesome Child’s Room Ideas

Buying baby gifts for a room is always a great alternative to the usual toys and clothes. The nursery or bedroom is the environment where children sleep, play and interact intimately with their parents, so it’s important that it’s cozy, pleasurable and suits the tastes of the child.

Because it’s not easy to figure this out on your own, here are 5 original ideas for a child’s room.

1. Applied murals
These amazing, wallpaper-like products have hit the market these last few years with easy and original mural designs for all ages. These murals usually consist of a pack of different mural pieces that you can put on the walls as it suits the room. You can leave out some parts or even mix-and-match different murals.

These are great because they can be easily applied and removed; they don’t require any painting talent. When the child grows old enough to choose his or her room theme, you can change the motif quickly and without needing to repaint everything.

2. Decorative pillows
Find animal or nature-themed pillows that fit the room’s color and theme. Not only are decorative pillows pretty, they’re also safe to play with and provide comfort and warmth to a tired child.

If you have trouble finding what you need, why not make them yourself? Pillows are easy to make and can be done through sewing, knitting and even crocheting. It’ll be a personal gift that your child will cherish!

3. Themed decoration

Beautiful themed children’s rooms are all over the Internet and decoration shows; if you have the budget and the time, you should think about building a themed room for your child.

The main question you need to ask when theming a child’s room is, what does my child like? Don’t be afraid to ask your child’s opinion, especially the older ones. Also, think about the durability of such a project: is the interest a passing fad or will your child enjoy the theme for at least a few years?

4. Coded clothing storage
Does your child have problems dressing properly for the weather? A coded chest of drawers is a great way to help organize your child’s clothing and teach them what to wear when.

It’s easy: just stick or paint a seasonal code (snowflake for winter, rainy cloud for spring, sun for summer and a leaf for fall) and put the related clothes in the drawers. Light clothes belong in summer, sweaters in fall and winter, and rain clothes in the spring drawer.

5. A secret corner

If you have the space, build a little secret corner so your child can have a quiet space to think, play or read on his or her own. Some children need more solitude than others, so providing a solitary space is a great way to fulfill that need.

Furnish it comfortably with cushions, blankets, a lamp and anything else your child might need. Of course, don’t use the closet if it’s full of
baby clothes!
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