Nov 11, 2011

Ways To Make Your Restaurant More Family Friendly

You don’t really notice when you are single, though once you have a family it can prove really difficult to find a restaurant that will accommodate all of you. It’s not just a matter of numbers but it’s also tough finding a place that has thought of those little details that make all the difference for a family. If you run a restaurant and want to make your place more accessible to families, the following ideas will make all the difference.

Kid’s Menu
One of the best parts about eating out is being able to order your food off a menu, and as any
hospitality training in Australia will teach you, eating out should be a memorable experience for everyone. Having a special kids menu will not only have the kids feeling important, but will also be a way to ensure that there are items that kids can and will want to eat. The kid’s menu alone will make families more likely to consider dining out at your restaurant.

Ways to Keep the Kids Busy
Children can be hard to keep quiet for very long so it can be a good idea to have ways to keep them occupied. Having some toys on hand for them to play with or even a few simple
school supplies can be there difference between a great family experience and a nightmare. It won’t cost much to pick up some kid-focused products and will be another way to show parents that you are a family friendly restaurant.

Make sure that you have more than one high chair on hand for really little kids as if there is no appropriate seating for toddlers you may end up losing out on some business. If your restaurant has a few different sections to it, it may be worth designating one section as the family area. This will separate potentially noisy kids from other patrons and also allow families to relax and feel comfortable.

A very smart way to attract budget-conscious families is to offer a discount on kid’s meals or even offer free meals for kids under a certain age. This is a very clever way to attract business, as kids don’t eat a lot of food anyway, though your gesture will have you looking like the best option for family dining.

Have a Kid Specialist on Staff

Not everyone likes kids, so if you have someone on your staff that is clearly a child friendly person, make the most of their skills and have them handle your family patrons. You don’t want to have a staff member losing their cool dealing with a little kid, so make sure your biggest kid-lover is on the case and that your customers and their kids are all having a great time.

A lot of restaurants forget about the needs of people with children and as a result miss out on thousands of dollars of potential business every year. Your place is either kid-friendly or it’s not, so make a little effort and be sure the little ones love coming to your restaurant just as much as their parents do.
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