Apr 24, 2011

Cousin’s Daughter

Meet sweet Asti, a cousin’s daughter. Yesterday we visited her home in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) for having a rest for a while after attending another cousin’s wedding.

It’s my father on the back ground. Today is his birthday. Wish him good health!

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genie said...

What a sweet portrait. I love her big beautiful eyes. She looks like she’s wondering just how long all of this picture taking is going to last. Can see your daddy in the background....happy birthday to him.

Dragonstar said...

What a beauty!

Laura said...

oh those eyes...one could drown in them!

eden said...

She is pretty.

Happy birthday to your father. Wish him good health always.

Advan Angkasa said...

Semoga ayah mbak Lina diberi kesehatan selalu, selamat ulang tahun.
Sepupu mbak Lina cantik.


Advan Angkasa said...

Hopefully Ms. Lina's father was given health always, happy birthday.
Ms. Lina beautiful cousin.


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