Apr 27, 2011

8 Considerations When Choosing Flooring for Your Home

When you invest in new flooring, it is best to have a good understanding on the total impact of what you choose. Many people neglect only a single factor, and this leads to the wrong choice. This article highlights all the issues you should be considering.

Cost. Obviously, you have a limited budget. Cost includes all factors such as removing your old flooring, getting rid of it, preparation of your surface, underlay if necessary, and installation. Getting quotes on all of these factors will mean you don't find yourself out of pocket later. Sometimes we neglect the cost of dumping or moving old materials and we get a nasty shock.

Time. Some flooring types can take a long time to install. If you are building a new home, this can have a great impact on your progress. It is important to talk with your professional in relation to your situation. Remember, the environment may have an impact on installation time. Some techniques and materials can be more difficult than others. Contractors can often be misleading. It is important you look at the experience of others with any particular floor type. Try to get some form of firm guarantee. Make sure your installation contractor fully understands the conditions of where you will be installing.

Purpose. More often than not, we cannot install one flooring type for our home. Wood floors might look great and durable, but cannot take the rigours of your dining room perhaps. It is important you understand your usage, and what type of furniture you will be using on your floor. You might need to make modifications to your furniture. Wooden floors can be easily damaged by furniture. Carpet will come under considerable attack in your dining room, and although it may look luxurious, it is not a very good choice. High-traffic areas need to durable. Getting this mix right is essential to getting value for your money.

Insulation Properties. Different materials have different insulation properties. Even different tiles can differ greatly. If you are in an extremely cold environment, this is something that you want to think about. A bathroom that is always cold, and difficult to warm up, can be very uncomfortable.

Flexibility. If you are living in a region that has four pronounced seasons, you may need to consider the properties of the materials that you are using. Some grouts will allow for more movement in your tiles. Pronounced seasons can wreak havoc with even the best installation work.

Environment. Although this has already been mentioned, it does deserve consideration on its own. Your environment will have huge impact on your choice. Carpet is a great choice for colder environments, and obviously not a good choice if you live in a tropical region.

Maintenance. Some floors may require a large amount of maintenance once a year. Make sure you understand the costs of what you will need to do. We all need to keep our lives as simple as possible. Maintenance could mean more than just cost. Not being able to use your flooring for a day or so, might be more than a little annoying. Maintenance is an absolute must, and if not done right, your flooring will not last as long as it should. Neglecting is non-negotiable.

Safety. Some floors may look great, but will they have the anti-slip properties you need? This is a big consideration for kitchens and bathrooms. Slips and falls can lead to serious injuries. Selecting the right surface type is a must.
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