Apr 18, 2011

Bikers Friendly Signs

It's my first time to see this kind of sign around my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). Yesterday, on the way to Gunung Pancar (Sentul, Bogor), I saw several similar signs along the Raya Babakan Madang st. in Sentul City.

I guessed before I would see many bikers along the road; but that time, I only saw some bikers. Approaching our destination, I saw many bikers at a bike track in Wana Wisata Gunung Pancar (Gunung Pancar Tourist Forest). That's why I didn't see many bikers on the road; they're still busy there!

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Kim, USA said...

Get me scared if I see somebody biking along the road. I want nobody to be hit and knocked on wood died, that must be aweful!! Happy Monday!

Coconut tree

IMRIZ said...

there were people who chose biking as their exercise. Glad that there were road signs like this.

followed u from here, lina

Dhemz said...

wow! very nice shot...that's nice sign....caution!

annies home said...

great sign love your find but I believe probably very needed we live near bike trail and the truth is people just do not watch out for bikes

genie said...

I love these yellow biker sign, but too many people ignore them. My husband bikes each day rain, sleet, ice, or snow, and people run him off the road all the time. It is my worst feat to be on my way to work and find him in a heap on the side of the road. Thanks for the post.

mikexplorer said...

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isp101 said...

Hi, Lina! Here in the Philippines, there's no such, Biker Friendly Signs. I just hope that they also copy this very great idea for Public Safety, and put in a special lane for bikers! =)

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