Aug 21, 2010

Window Improvement Hints

Windows play the important part in energy control. It’s estimated that they’re responsible for up to 90 per cent of heat gain in summer and more than 20 per cent of heat loss in winter.

1.Good quality, heavy curtains are an effective means of trapping heat, especially if the drapes extend from floor to ceiling and there is a pelmet. Open-weave cloth or or slatted blinds are, obviously, less efficient.

2. Double glazing, although expensive, is an effective way of locking in heat and shutting out unwanted warmth. Reflective film will also reduce the sun’s heat in summer, especially on west-facing windows, but this may not be a plus during winter in colder climes.

3. There are many types of awning on the market. Examine carefully for ease of installation; adjustability; efficient mechanism, longevity (the guarantee will give some indication). Color and pattern should team well with the style of the house.

4. Pruning or removing trees may provide an unexpected, inexpensive winter suntrap. Conversely, by planting a dense shrub or growing a vine over a screen, you can create an effective natural barrier to a too exuberant summer sun.

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