Aug 13, 2010

Energy and Money Saving Improvements

There’s a simple relationship between energy and money: if you save energy, you save money. Take heating, for example. In winter, electricity, gas and timber are consumed in large quantities as we try to warm our homes and beat the winter shivers. In summer, we tend to utilize a similar amount of energy by trying to keep cool.

Depending on the extremes of the climate to which we are subjected, the energy costs can be very high. Ideally, a home should absorb and store the sun’s energy during winter and reflect and shed its surplus in summer.

If we could somehow design a home to catch the sun in winter and deflect it in summer, we’d have the best of both worlds. Is it possible?

Absorption of the sun’s heat is handled efficiently by careful deployment of glassed window areas. In winter, if we have north-facing windows that catch the full benefit of the available sun, then warming comfort is assured.

So, if you’re designing a new home, or redesigning an existing one, locate the living areas on the northern side and make sure there are plenty of windows. The roof of a north-facing room can be constructed of architectural glass, thereby creating a winter solarium. If it’s too impossible or too expensive to change walls or roofs, skylights can be let in or small windows enlarged.

In summer, if the eaves are the correct width, the sun is prevented for much of the day from shining directly on the glass. When it does, it can be ‘fielded’ with adjustable awnings, shutters or drapes. With west-facing windows-often a nuisance in the hot months- deep pergolas and low screens or dense foliage can be used to create shade.
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valuable money saving principles said...

I like the sound of work smarter, not harder. That’s what I’ve been trying to do to economize. After-all, time is money as well! I’ve just posted a Daily Master Plan, that I hope will help others to use their time wisely. Also, I’ve recently shared a recipe on homemade liquid laundry detergent. It’s much better for the environment.

hps said...

info menarik mbak, thnx udh share

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