Aug 6, 2010

A Board for Bills

The traditional pin board has its place, but, invariably, you find you’ve run out of pins or you’re treading unsuspectingly on one that’s ‘escaped’ from its moorings. An innovative design that employs elastic strips and bulldog clips in place of pins stylishly eliminates these shortcomings.

Letters, bills and other ephemera are held in place by means of diagonal elasticized strips surmounted by a leather border. Both are held in place by stout drawing pins. Before securing, mark the border shape and strip positions on the felt with a tailor’s pencil. Glue may also be used under the elastic for added strength.

Hang the bulldog clips on nails or screw them to the board. The board itself is fixed to the wall using screws and cup washers. Brass ones would harmonize particularly well with the leather. Alternatively, the board could be glued to the wall with epoxy glue.
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1 comment:

eden said...

What a great idea! I really need this. Sometimes we have trouble finding bills or something because they are misplaced..hehehe

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