Aug 27, 2010

Post Card/Recipe Boxes

You can never have too many boxes for holding the excess of information and correspondence we all gather about us. Boxes for postcards or recipe cards take up little room, but help keep desk and bench top under control. Plywood in the basic material for those boxes (three-ply) together with a quad surround to the base.

You may be able to get some off cuts of three-ply from a joinery shop to make the boxes. The quad can be obtained from a timber yard; you’ll need 600mm per box. You also need a handful of panel pins, glue and some varnish or paint. Then, making it requires only the basic woodworking skills.

Give the boxes quick sand and apply several coats of varnish or paint. If you are interested in craft, you could stencil some attractive motifs onto the boxes.

Source: Easy Home Projects
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Inspire! said...

patut dicoba ini :D

Mel_Cole said...

Oh did you made those Lina? They look classic. :)

Anonymous said...

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