May 16, 2010

Painting Tips

Do you like to do the painting jobs by yourself? Before you doing it, read these tips first. Hope it will help you!

If you want your paint brushes to last for an eternity, before using for the first time, put the brush for twenty-four hours in a container that contains linseed oil, so that the bristles are completely sub-merged. After that time, remove the brush, drain it and pass under the faucet to wash it with plenty of running water. Finally, let it dry, and you will have a brush, in a condition that will last forever.

To keep your paintbrush from drying out when you have to stop painting for a few hours, wrap it in aluminium foil or wax paper. That way it is not exposed to air and the bristles do not dry out. Just unwrap and carry on painting!

We all don't usually have spackle just lying around the house. For the situations that you want to paint and you realize that you need to cover up the nail holes, take some white toothpaste and put it over the hole. It needs to be paste, not gel. Let it dry and paint over if necessary.

When painting, and you end up with more on your arms, hands and hair than on the wall. Grab a bottle of Old English Furniture Polish. Pour some onto your hands, and rub together briskly. Wash off in water, and then wipe hands dry. Use just a little of the Old English on a paper towel to remove paint from the hair. Wash hair as usual to remove any left over oil.
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