May 22, 2010

Decorate Your Home with Easy Paint Projects

For high impact, you don’t have to paint all four walls in a room. You can highlight one detail with color. Here are several paint projects that you can do (written by Claire Wilson) :

1.Paint Furniture
Tips and tricks
: Don't be afraid to go with a potent color, especially if the walls and the trim are neutral. Before painting, prep furniture with a flexible-foam sanding sponge that can get around curves, legs, and grooves. If the piece has a wax finish, remove it with denatured alcohol first.

Best paint for the job: High-gloss paint will turn a piece into a strong focal point. Semi-gloss paint will freshen it up without emphasizing flaws.

2.Paint an Inexpensive Mirror
Tips and tricks
: A plain mirror can have an expensive custom look when you paint it a color that coordinates with others in the room. To work most effectively, position the mirror so you can paint evenly around the edges. Place a small mirror over a sturdy bowl or a large one on a small stool, and put down newspapers to catch spatters. Using a brush the approximate width of the frame will help minimize dripping.

Best paint for the job: A paint with a glossy finish will give a frame a little sheen. You can add a few coats of clear varnish for a lacquered effect.

3.Paint Interior Doors
Tips and tricks: Changing the color of an interior door can take a room from drab to fab. But too much contrast between the door and the wall can be jarring. If your walls are bright, choose a similarly lively color for the door. If they're subdued, go for a soft shade. Be sure to paint the frame too, so the door doesn't seem to float in space.

Best paint for the job: It's easiest to clean smudges and grime off gloss or semi-gloss paint. But avoid paints that are super-shiny―they tend to reveal even the tiniest nicks and dents. & google
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