May 12, 2010

7 Tips to Get Affordable & Fabulous Things in a Flea Market

This post still related with the previous post about displaying collections. Flea markets are great alternatives to retail stores for finding unique things. If you've never shopped at a flea market before, here are some things to consider (written by Christopher Lowell):
  1. Dress down. If you look too dressed up, I guarantee you'll pay more. A sweatshirt and comfortable walking shoes are appropriate outfit. Also bring a hat, as too much sun can lessen your energy and concentration.

  2. Get there early. You know you've arrived too late if all you see is people walking out with lamps and picture frames. These, according to flea market specialists, are the two most popular items. When they're gone, you know the place has been picked over.

  3. Take cash. Lots of single bills and nothing higher than a $20 bill will give you some bargaining power.

  4. Don't be fooled by stand appearances. A few things on a blanket will cost less than a fully arranged stand. The general rule is that the higher vendor merchandises, the more you'll end up paying, so shop carefully.

  5. Make a list. Write down things that you're searching. This prevents impulse buying and makes sure you don't finish up with something you didn't want.

  6. Bring plastic bags. Your old grocery bags will come in handy if a vendor should run out.

  7. Drive an appropriate vehicle. Flea-market shopping is usually cash-and-carry, and most vendors don't deliver. Consider borrowing a friend's truck or van if you don't have one and know you'll be looking for a large-sized item.
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demonyitogwapito said...

thanks for the info. Ive learn new things from that.

Maude Lynn said...

Excellent tips! Shopping at the flea market is such fun!

eden said...

Great tips.I haven't visited flea markets for a while now. The last time I visited that was about 2 yrs ago and bought few plants.

Have a nice day.

MJ said...

hehehe...good tips for me who like to visit flea market....

happy weekend Lina...

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