Apr 4, 2010

Make Your Own Wall Gallery!

Are you still looking for an idea to decorate your wall? Painting is beautiful thing and it’s perfect for home decoration; but it can’t be so expensive. Instead of investing in one massive piece of artwork for the space, why don’t you consider on creating a gallery of smaller works. Depending on the pieces and frames you choose, the look can range from polished and cool to original and cozy. The process is easy, and chances are you probably already have enough miscellaneous prints, postcards, sketches and photos (including your own masterpieces!) to get started.

I’ll share here guidance to make your own wall gallery; written by Meryl Levin. Check it out…

Step 1: Choose Your Art
Any image is fair game. If you want a streamlined, modern look, keep the artwork uniform, such as all black-and-white photographs, or all illustrations by the same artist. For a more eclectic display, mix a wide range of styles and media (photos, sketches, etc.). Even if you’re going for an eclectic effect, try to keep most of the pieces in the same basic palette, adding one or two contrasting images to keep the display dynamic.

Get creative in your search. Include postcards and snapshots you’ve taken yourself, or images clipped from books, calendars or magazines.

Step 2: Frame Your Art
Custom framing can be pricey, and choosing art in standard sizes -- 4x6, 5x7 and so on -- will enable you to find a variety of affordable frames anywhere (Exposures has a good selection). For an odd-sized piece, order a custom matte from a local frame shop or online (try pictureframes.com) and put it in a standard-size frame. The simplest approach to framing is to use the same style for every piece. Whether you choose black, white or metal frames, the look will be clean and unfussy, and will place emphasis on the artwork.

Step 3: Arrange Your Gallery
Before you put anything on the wall, place the framed works on the floor or a table, and play with the arrangement. Try to keep the spacing between pieces similar throughout. Once you have a layout you like, take a picture so you don’t forget what went where.

Step 4: Make a Template
Trace each frame on contact paper and cut out the shapes to make templates. On the front of each template, mark with a Sharpie the spot where the hanging hardware should go.

Step 5: Adhere Your Templates to the Wall
Remove the backing and adhere your templates to the wall in the arrangement you’ve chosen. This is your chance to adjust placement, spacing and leveling (use a level for best results).

Step 6: Hang Your Art
Once the contact-paper version of your gallery is perfected, use the markings to install hardware. Nails can be hammered through the contact paper and the paper cut away; for screws, poke a hole and use a pencil to mark the wall underneath so you’ll know where to drill. Carefully hang each piece, then step back and admire your gallery!

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jiman.go said...

kl rumhnya besar pst ok bngt kl di tata gitu
tp kl rmhnya minimalis susah juga hihihi ...
taruh barang dikit aja uda padat

Ana Cristina said...

Good Idea!!

eNeS said...

Klo rumahnya bagus, pasti enak ngedesain dinding seperti itu mbak. Rumahku mah acak-acakan, hehehe....
Gud pos mbak

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