Apr 16, 2010

New use for Your Present Things!

It’s a clever way to repurpose your stuffs. Don’t just buy a new one; be creative with your present things. I share here some ideas (written by Sharon Tanenbaum) for you…

Display photos with a flower frog
Original purpose: Arranging flowers.
New use: Displaying photos. After you’ve thrown out the bouquet, just wash and dry the frog and insert your favorite snapshots.

Use wineglass as candleholder
Original purpose: Toasting to health and good cheer.
New use: Casting romantic shadows at the dinner table.

Serve drinks on a picture frame
Original purpose: Displaying your favorite photo, print, etc.
New use: Serving drinks. Place a double of your favorite photo (so as not to ruin the original in case of condensation) under the glass and set out the drinks.

Use dish towels as placemats
Original purpose: Drying your dishes.
New use: Bistro-style table setting. Let a colorful dish towel span the center of your table and you'll get two place mats for the price of an easy wash-and-dry staple.

Upgrade a lampshade with ribbon
Original purpose: Giving ponytails a girly touch.
New use: Lampshade trim. Apply a thin layer of fabric glue (roughly the ribbon's width) to the top edge of the shade. Place the ribbon along the edge of the shade and press the ends (cut on a diagonal) together tightly. Repeat on bottom.

Tall vase as toilet paper container
Original purpose: Showing off all those long-stemmed roses from gentleman callers. New use: Helping toilet paper hide in plain sight.

Planter as table
Original purpose: Potting your favorite plants.
New use: Serving as an occasional table. Bring your planter inside when the season is over, top it with a piece of glass, and enlist it at winter gatherings to hold cocktails or light up a dark corner.

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Miawruu said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW... KEREN-KEREN... ada yg mau ngasihin buat Mia ga hihihihi

Ana Cristina said...

Very nice tips! Thanks for sharing!

Blogger said...

nice post miss, good job
have a nice weekend


Stef said...

The wineglasses are cute! I might as well try that and i like the planter as a table too! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

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