Apr 12, 2010

How to have an Efficient Laundry Room (2)

Hi… this post is the continuance. After talking about transporting and sorting, dabbing, pouring, restoring and drying; I move on the next steps of laundry jobs. Happy reading…

  • When tumble-dried clothes are dry―preferably when they are still warm―hang them up or smooth them out and fold them right away. Avoid having them sit and cool in a crumpled state.
  • Clothes that should be folded include: T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, sweats―basically anything knit or stretchy.

  • Make sure your folding surface is high enough, be it on top of the washing machine or part of the sorter, so you don't have to stoop and strain your back.

  • Lone socks should never leave the laundry room. If a solo sock ends up in the wrong bedroom, it is less likely to be reunited with its mate. Have a collection bag for such socks in the laundry room or pin them to the bulletin board.
  • Hanging certain garments as they emerge from the dryer can save on ironing time.

  • Clothes that should be hung include: creased or pleated items, button-down shirts, khakis―anything that wrinkles easily.

  • Wooden hangers with a rod work for most hangable items. Choose padded hangers for fragile items, and hangers with rubber clips for skirts (metal clips might dent the fabric).

  • Get in the habit of bringing empty hangers to the laundry room. You'll have a supply on hand, and you can rid your closet of extras.

  • Return wire hangers to the cleaners.
  • Keep an ironing board for the few garments that must be pressed.
  • Get a wall-mounted rack that keeps the board out of the way and holds a hot iron; then you won't have to wait for it to cool.
The Ambience

The laundry room should emanate cleanliness. It should be bright and easy to clean. If it doesn't have a window, then flood the room with lights and make sure the walls are white or a luminous color. Clean the laundry room when you clean the house, not just when you clean the basement.

These touches can make the space as livable as any other room:
  • CD player or radio
  • A rug or carpet swatch to stand on. It absorbs splashed water and cushions your feet.
  • Framed art or photos
  • A pretty dish or bowl near the washing machine serves as a catchall for pocket contents. It's also a reminder to check pockets for lipsticks, pens, crayons, and other detergent-defeating culprits.
  • Bulletin board. Tack up care labels, extra buttons and thread, stain charts, and product samples.
  • Trash can for lint. Lint makes high-quality tinder because it is extremely combustible, which is a main reason you shouldn't let it build up in the dryer.
  • Ironing-board cover. Contrary to popular belief, these don't have to borrow patterns from tea cozies. Look for striking new styles instead.
Picture source: azclosetsolutions.com

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