Feb 10, 2021

Guide to decluttering after the kids move

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When the time comes for the kids to move, the gap you feel because of their departure is not only one; there is another gap that you have to fill in some way. It is the space where they spent most of their time. Although most homes are adapted to all residents equally, children's rooms are reserved exclusively for your kids and their peace. Children make their comfort zones from them, and sometimes they choose some unusual colors of walls, furniture, layout. They move away quite easily and carefree, and you are left with the space to do something with it.

There are a few essential things to think about when it comes to decluttering after the kids move. Furniture, such as beds, closets, and shelves. Clothes they didn't take with them. They also left things like carpets, lamps, toys, posters, paintings, etc. Each children's room also contains a diploma, a medal, or some other type of award. Gifts, memories, and decorative figures are a part of every room. The most important thing is to consult with the children so that you do not throw away something important to them.

What can you do with the things that are left after your children move:
●    Donate
●    Save and renovate
●    Sell
●    Store
●    Throw it away

Make a difference – donate!

It doesn't matter if you live in a big city or a small one, in every social community, unfortunately, someone needs help or some kind of donation. You can take advantage of this by donating preserved clothes that your children have outgrown. You can do the same with furniture and toys. Ensure the items you donate are not damaged, broken, or torn. In the last few years, some fashion companies have accepted a donation of clothes that they recycle and make new clothing items. That way, you save the planet and get rid of unnecessary things! Win-win situation, right?

Old but gold!

If you have the space but also the desire to keep things after the children move out, you can always refresh them and adapt them to your home. That way, you will still have items that you or your children are attached to, but in a new, customized form. For example, you can paint your daughter's pink desk and use it for an office corner in your home. Toy shelves can be used as additional space for storing books, documents, pictures, flowers, etc. If your children's room remains empty after decluttering, you can always use it as a space for yoga, a mini gym, a library, a home theater, a walk-in closet, or an office.

Couple holding hands and brushes after repainting walls
Renovation is always good for new beginnings

Make some money out of it!  

Extra money is never wasted. If there is no one you can donate to, you can always make a yard sale, sell it to an acquaintance or sell it online. Although you can't get a lot of money to sell used items, it can be used to paint a room, for example, or you can use it when the time comes for zippyshellphl.com to move your kids to their new home. Your relocation budget can surely benefit from these small additions.

Selling items can be interesting because you never know what may be unique and sought after by collectors. Maybe your child had a rare figurine of a superhero or a rare edition of a book, so you should look on the Internet to know how much it is worth before selling it.

Chair with “Garage sale” sign on it
A garage sale is always a good idea for decluttering

Store it up!

If you and your kids have decided to save most of the things, and they take up space in your house, you can always put it in your garage, basement, or rent storage space.

Store it up in the garage!
Putting things in your garage is certainly one of the possibilities. Still, we all know how many garages can already be cluttered with stuff at that moment, so further chaos would be created. You have to keep in mind that it would be good to stick to the original purpose of the garage itself. If it is intended for parking your car, it will certainly not suit you to leave excess furniture and things there. But if your garage is used for storing tools, it is a safe place for extra items. The most important thing is that the garage remains functional and that you can easily use everything you need.

Rented storages
One of the best options is to rent a storage unit. If you want to make your life easier, you should definitely explore this possibility. Storage spaces usually do not require a large amount of money and can be of great importance. That way, you are always sure where your things are, that they are safe, locked up, and protected from different weather conditions.

Many closed warehouse doors
You can easily find a storage space online

Basements are most often used as rooms where we leave things we don't need, and they stay there for years and only create a mess. If you decide to store items in the basement, make sure that, as in the garage, there is no creation of a non-functional space. You should also pay attention to the formation of mold due to the high concentration of moisture. Mold will lead to creating an unpleasant smell of furniture and its decay. Check with experts how much moisture is in your basement before you decide to put things there.

Been there, dump that!

The hardest thing for all of us is to decide to throw away some things even though we haven't used them in years. In your children's room, you will indeed find piles of papers, posters, old notebooks, magazines, broken toys, etc. In these cases, they have to be determined and ask themselves if they need something or are just tied to it. Help your child decide what to throw away by telling them that things they haven't used in years, and can't be donated or sold, may not matter, and it would be best to throw away. You may understand the outcome after your child's first reaction. If they don't say right away that they want to save something, it is probably not so important, and it is worth throwing away.

Decluttering after the kids move away doesn't have to be a nightmare or a cause for stress! Of course, there will be a bitter taste in your mouth in the very beginning due to their departure. However, if you adapt it to yourself and your activities over time, you will use it very gladly and enjoy it.

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