Feb 19, 2021

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

The bedroom is where household members spend more time than any other room. So it’s absolutely important to create a stress-free environment to doze off faster and get a full night’s sleep. The mattress, décor, and beddings you select are some of the ways to create a sleep-friendly environment. This goal has become more critical than ever during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.   

What if you’re on a tight budget? Well, you still have a wide range of decorating ideas that can include interior designers and DIY projects. These options can also work for all size rooms, including gargantuan and small bedrooms.

I’d like to share some decorating ideas you can use as cosmetic changes or complete makeovers for bedroom designs or redesigns. The best part is you won’t have to shell out money for a solid gold bed frame!    


Experiment with a console table

This is basically Nightstand 2.0. If you want to spice things up, then select a low-profile console table. Then just add some bedside accessories like:
●    Petite table lamp
●    Oversized mirror
●    Framed artwork
Add a bench

This is a basic yet effective and affordable way to decorate your bedroom. Through your selection, you can create a particular feel for a bedroom space. For example, a bamboo and seagrass design can provide you with a natural vibe.   

Go with a new headboard over a new bed  

If you want to add a headboard to your bed, it might seem logical to purchase a brand new bed, right? There’s a better way! If you’re on a shoestring budget, then consider simply adding a wall-mounted headboard.
This simple yet effective step can help your bed look smooth and robust. If you want a more cost-effective (and artistic) option, then add a wall stencil headboard.
Consider a built-in bed    

A captain’s bed can create an enclosed yet comfy vibe. This option can also help you mix and match the bed with coastal-inspired bedroom décor.  

Add a partitioned canopy over the bed

This is an alternative to a traditional canopy bed since the canopy doesn’t cover the whole bed. You can also create a light and airy feel with a light canopy fabric.  

Mattress and Bedding
Make patterns beddings-limited
It’s important to start with the option of picking the right mattress. This can help you catch more zzz’s by providing the right amount of comfort and support. You should also consider other factors like the mattress’s type, material, and size.
When selecting bedding, one basic yet effective design idea is to avoid patterned walls or tiles, and instead only use the bedclothes to decorate your sleeping space. The process is as easy as counting sheep. It just involves selecting attractive yet affordable sheets, blankets, and covers for your bed.
In fact, you can also make the bed linens stand out by carefully selecting textures and colors. Select controlled prints and narrow palettes, so it’s easier to pair the beddings with bedroom furniture.   
Change all beddings

Simply making wholesale changes to your bed linens is a lot more affordable than redoing your bedroom’s entire theme or color scheme.
The key is to create a fresh look. For example, go from classic to modern (or vice versa), primary to pastel, and so on. You can also purchase a new duvet to hide an ugly comforter.

Use walls to display memories

Your wall art can also include old photos that create a nostalgic feeling. This could be your favorite natural landscape or a memorable family trip. You can even create a mural that includes lots of small pictures or blow up one photograph to a wall poster. Yes, that includes group selfies!
Aside from creating a wow factor for your bedroom, these options are also much more affordable than fine art. In fact, consider that the décor is priceless to your household members.  

Add a fun wallpaper design

This is an effective and affordable way to have fun by adding it to a wardrobe door. Besides saving money, you can also add the wall décor quickly and easily.   
What should you look for? Make sure the design focuses on the ceiling’s height and scale. It should also create an eye-catching focal point. If you want a more seamless look, you can replace doorknobs or handles that get in the way.

Turn off/down overhead lights

This not only is affordable (free, actually) but can also help you sleep better. Many of today’s high-efficiency LED lights emit blue light, which can prevent you from falling asleep at night. In fact, many sleep experts recommend switching off overhead lights at least two hours before bedtime.
You can also keep off the overhead lights or add a dimmer switch. Replace the bright lights with options like nightstand lamps and wall sconces. This is still enough night for bedtime reading and checking Facebook timelines. Another option is three-way bulbs to tweak your lighting needs.
Decorate with Christmas lights

When you’ve taken down your Christmas tree, you can still add them to your bedroom. This is a budget-friendly way to add extra lighting to the room. Besides that, it also adds magic and intrigue to your bedroom.

The best part is you won’t have to pack away colorful lights after the holiday season!

Choose paint colors to create a feeling

This is one of the most practical ways to redecorate your bedroom. Besides that, it’s much more affordable than doing a full remodeling.
Take some time to review the color wheel which includes primary, secondary, and complementary colors. You could go with neutral colors that create a traditional look since they go with everything. Another option is pastels that will make the room seem larger and “lighter.”
In fact, you can even add different colors to the room. For example, you could select one color for the feature wall, and another color for the other walls. This can help to create different looks and feels in a master bedroom.
Try out a black & white color scheme

This classic combination isn’t just for Oreo cookies, soccer balls, and panda bears. You can spruce up the neutral colors with décor accents like a wooden bench or woven planter. Then you can add more contrast with items like b&w patterned textiles or black canopy beds.    
Fixr estimates that an average bedroom remodeling costs around $7,900. If you’re counting pennies, then you have several Plan B options. They include painting walls, adding beddings, and using some tips and tricks. Start with a theme or color scheme. Then mix and match affordable furniture, décor, and lighting to make your bedroom look like a million bucks.

Author Bio:

Brett is a writer at ID-Mag. An enthusiast and expert when it comes to sleep products, Brett dedicates a lot of his time reading, researching, and reviewing about both traditional and emerging sleep brands that manufacture varied types of sleep products – from eco-mattresses, smart pillows to cooling sleep systems, Brett has probably reviewed them all. Brett also finds sleep especially important since he juggles a small business which he runs from home, makes sure he spends time with his daughter and he also writes during his spare time – you can definitely see that he needs a great forty winks all night, every night so he’ll make sure that you get great sleep, too!

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