Jun 30, 2020

Things to have in mind when decorating a loft apartment

A bed by the window in a loft apartment
A style born out of necessity more than fifty years ago now represents one of the most wanted for so many reasons. Loft apartments are usually coveted for their spacious and open layout, but the same features can make them tricky for decorating. Many properties that are loft apartments at the moment, used to be industrial premises, which explains the high ceilings and open-space layout. Turning them into living areas that are warm and cozy might take a bit more effort than expected. Let's mention several things you should have in mind when decorating a loft apartment.

Loft apartment should be proportional

If the ceilings are too high, your entire apartment might appear smaller than it really is. You will need the vertical decor to fill the empty wall space. When it comes to windows, floor-to-ceiling models are great for lighting up the living space, but to pay attention to the scale you will have to put some extremely high and probably over-sized curtains. Be very careful here since you will probably have to pay a lot more than you would for regular ones. You will also need some extra cash for their maintenance, but hey - that is a small price in comparison to the view that you have from up there!
A loft apartment with big pieces of furniture
Proportion is one of the things to have in mind when decorating a loft apartment
Wall decorating items also have to be proportional to space. Tiny items will look even smaller if put against or on the big wall. The same goes for lighting sources - you will either have to get some oversized pieces or opt for multiple smaller fixtures. The principle is similar for furniture and carpets.

Lighting is one of the first things to have in mind when decorating a loft apartment

Even though loft apartments usually get a lot of natural light, some artificial sources are always needed. High ceilings call for longer pendants and additional sources of light from the walls, tables, or floor. In loft apartments, it is extremely important than you have layers of light and that space is lighted evenly heightwise. That's why you will need even more sconces, table, and floor lamps than you would in a regular apartment.

Track lighting is very popular nowadays and when combined with brick walls, it creates a modern feel to your loft.

Be careful when choosing art

If you love tall paintings - go for it! Loft apartments are the perfect space to display oversized art pieces. Those can be tricky to handle when moving in though. But if you choose a team of professionals like those from Divine Moving and Storage NYC, you will not have to worry about a thing.
Unusual lighting combined framed photos
Unusual combinations of art and light could work well in your loft apartment
The upside of a loft apartment is that there is a lot of room for art. Depending on a style you would like to achieve, you can opt for paintings (framed or on canvas - both fit perfectly), photos, or even stickers that are sold as wall art.
When it comes to decorative objects, the rule of thumb for loft apartments is - the simpler the better! Of course, you can always choose some kitschy details if you are a fan, but simple elements will create a better impression.

You can create separate rooms even if there are no walls in your loft apartment

Open space is great for so many things, but it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it tidy and well-organized. Loft apartments need to be functional, especially if more than one person lives in it. Every part of your home has its purpose and some sort of separation is necessary.  You can divide your space even visually by:

  •  grouping your furniture and making a dining, sleeping, working zone, etc;
  • contrasting colors - you can go as far as to chose a separate color scheme for each of the areas, just make sure that they complement each other and work together in harmony;
  • area rugs - you can separate different spaces within your home by playing with your floor plan;
  • pieces of furniture - bookshelves and closets can be used to segment the floor area;
  • installing interior glass - this is a great option for keeping some spaces, like a bedroom or a home office, private. You can choose the transparency level that fits your needs;
  • building partial walls - this can be rather practical, plus it's a great way of decorating a loft apartment. You will probably need a designer to help you out since partial walls can make your space look amazing or make it look like an office. Building walls is one of those home improvements you should never do by yourself.

Raised rooms are great additional space, but they cost a lot

You have probably seen countless photos of raised bedrooms in loft apartments and you might be considering making such an addition to your own space. That can be a great way to add the square footage, but it is, by all means, an expensive investment. Here are some of the ideas you can use the bonus space:

  • bedroom (or even more of them if your home square footage allows for them); this project is similar, yet still structurally different from converting your attic to the bedroom;
  • home office with a view;
  • closet or storage room;
  • library or a reading nook;
  • game room;

Stairs and ladders are important details in loft apartment design. Make sure that they are safe and practical.


Some materials and textures are just perfect for decorating a loft apartment

What are the first materials that come to mind when thinking about lofts? Probably brick and concrete. Due to their original purpose, lofts tend to look great with brick walls, and we are not only talking about the accent walls here. Concrete is a great option for floors but you will also see concrete walls and many decorative items made of the material looking breath-taking. Glass and steel are materials that can add to the aesthetics of a loft apartment. The good news is that these materials are rather durable.

Bright loft apartment with a brick wall
You can do no wrong with brick
Since all the mentioned materials tend to look cold, you might have to try a bit harder to warm up the look of your loft apartment. Avoid too many straight lines and cold colors when choosing furniture and add house plants wherever you can.

We hope you have picked your favorites among our ideas for decorating a loft apartment. Good luck with your project!

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