Jun 13, 2020

How to Remodel Your Backyard

Times like these offer a unique chance to pull a break on everyday hectic routine and dedicate some time to your own backyard, literally. Due to the global pandemic, avoiding social interaction and staying at home is the best way of staying safe, and what better way to use that extra time than to do some backyard remodeling. I felt quite inspired to do this but I didn’t want to mess things up so I talked to Pacific Dreamscapes and they were kind enough to share some ideas:
Remodel Your Backyard

Add Sprinklers

Groomed green grass looks beautiful no matter what, but that involves regular work and care if you want to maintain the out-of-magazine looks. One way to make that job easier is to install a water sprinkler to regularly water your grass and keep it green. This little chore can be time-consuming and sometimes you feel just too lazy, even if you are at home all the time.

Patio Time

May is here and it’s getting warmer outside which is the perfect time to spend more time in your backyard and basically move some activities from the house to the outside. A patio is a great opportunity to organize your entire family to dine outside which can be a great change of pace from your daily routine and can even elevate the experience of dining to a new level.

And with some high quality stone pavers, you can get to any part of your backyard, including the next item on the list.

The Pool is Always In

If you have extra space in your backyard but you never really knew how to use it, or if you ever considered a pool but never really had the courage or will to do it, now is a perfect time. Summer is approaching and with the current state of the world, going on a vacation can be risky. Staying at home actually is a valid option especially if you can spend long hot summer days by your pool without anyone disturbing you.

Add a Fireplace

You don’t need to go inside when the sun sets, you can stay warm outside and keep the party going. A fireplace will ensure you can keep warm and it also adds a nice note to the exterior design. It can be a focal point of your backyard where the entire family can gather and spend some time together. Evening hours by a fireplace in your backyard sounds amazing, and building it can also be an adventure in itself.

Room for Kitchen

If you are going to have a fireplace then why not build an outdoor kitchen to add an extra flavor to the backyard and create interesting and fun activities which would allow you to spend the entire day in your backyard, if the weather allows it. The kitchen would also allow the entire family to gather around and do something, it would be a far cry from your normal indoor kitchen where only mom or dad are stuck cooking.

Build a Vegetable Garden

There is something special in growing your own vegetables, they kind of taste better and the satisfaction of you eating what you made is also magical. It is also not as expensive as previous ideas and you might even discover a love for this hobby you never knew existed. You can grow whatever you like, focus on flowers to make your backyard look even more beautiful or simply grow food, and have fun with that.

A Treehouse

A fun activity for your kids or you. What better way to tell your kids to go out and help you build a treehouse for you all to play. There’s a lot of fun involved in just building it and there is also the charm it would add to the overall appearance of the backyard.

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