Jul 8, 2020

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean for Longer

It’s a fact that most people don’t enjoy cleaning the bathroom. It is also a fact that most people want the bathroom they are using to be clean. That means that we buckle down, suppress our disliking of the task and just go ahead and clean our bathrooms.

What if I told you that there is a way you could keep your bathroom cleaner for longer and not have to deal with all the mess of a monthly or bi-monthly big cleaning? We reached out to cleaning experts at Sunflower Maids for some tips on how to keep your bathroom clean and tidy for longer.

Division of Tasks

It can be quite simple and easy to keep the bathroom clean, as long as you are willing to do a bit of work each day. I’m not talking about any of the big stuff, just a few minor things that you can do to keep the bathroom looking nice.

There are tasks which should be done daily, as well as those which can be done once a week. If you follow these tips, your monthly bathroom cleaning will be surprisingly easy and light.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are very minor and simple, so once you get a hang of them, you will be surprised that you were ever apprehensive about doing them in the first place. Doing things like cleaning the smudges and splatters from your mirrors as soon as you see them, or wiping down the sinks and faucets are pretty minor things to do.

However, if you leave them for your big cleaning, they will be just one of the several tasks you have to do, but they will also compound over the weeks, so a few smudges from last week can easily become a dozen or more if you’ve not cleaned them in a while. Not to mention that they can harden and become a pain to remove.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks can be a bit more time-consuming to do than daily tasks, but you also just have to do them once a week, so that’s a plus. And besides, you’d have to do them anyway during your monthly cleaning, but even more, since you’ve not done them in a month or so.

Dusting is a task that most people don’t really associate with cleaning the bathroom. However, house dust forms wherever we are (and also our pets), so wipe down the surfaces in your bathroom with a microfiber cloth. Don’t worry if dust falls to the ground, it will be picked up when you clean the floor.

Disinfect the surfaces, especially your sink, bathtub/shower, and toilet. There are disinfecting products which you can buy, or you can make them yourself if you are versed in that. Spraying a disinfectant doesn’t take too much of your time, but it will help your bathroom keep the cleanliness for longer.

Disinfecting your bathroom is especially important now, during the pandemic, so it is advised not to miss this step.

Finally, mop the floor of your bathroom. You will pick up any of the spilled water from your cleaning, as well as the dust that may have fallen on the floor.

All in all, cleaning the bathroom should take you no more than 10 minutes for the daily tasks, and another 15 minutes for the weekly tasks. However, those two combines could save you an hour or longer when the time comes for a more in-depth cleaning once a month. Give it a go this month and see if it doesn’t save you time and if it doesn’t feel like you’re doing less work – which is always nice when it comes to a task as disliked as bathroom cleaning.

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