May 26, 2020

Landscaping ideas for your Seattle garden

Spring and summer are fast approaching, and what can be a better way of welcoming them than by utilizing your garden? Whether you have a small or a big yard, there are many things you can do. With a bit of hard work and creativity, your garden will be ready for enjoyment and relaxation in no time. What is more, once you finish your garden, it will serve you well for years to come. And, trust us, that is something you will definitely need in a city as busy and as 'concrete' as Seattle. So, without further ado, here are some landscaping ideas for your Seattle garden that are trending right now.

Start With Paving

If you want your Seattle garden to be functional and beautiful, you must incorporate some sort of steppingstone path. This path can go around your yard and maybe lead to a patio, your house, or some other destination. However, be sure that you cannot pave this patio wherever you want in your yard. You must make a plan in order for everything to look coordinated and well-organized. Start by cleaning your yard and removing all the items you have laying there. If, by some chance, you do not want to get rid of those items yet, consider a portable storage solution that companies like PortaBox Storage Seattle offer. It is important to start with a 'clean canvas' when landscaping and creating that perfect garden.

After that, head on to your local hardware store, and choose the material you want for your paving. While doing that, keep this in mind:

  • Golden paving materials look best when paired with lavender or pink plants.
  • Grey paving materials look best when paired with purple and white plants.
  • Black paving materials look best when paired with orange, red, and yellow plants.
A path in a garden
Make sure that your stepping stone path goes well with the rest of your yard. .
Plant Trees

Every garden must have a tree. Trees block the sun, create shade, filter noise, protect your privacy, etc. Moreover, they are extremely beneficial for our plants! So, if you have some room in your Seattle garden, use it for planting a tree. However, that process requires proper planning as well. After all, that tree will be in your garden for decades to come, so choose its spot wisely. When it comes to the kind of tree you should pick for your garden, you will have plenty of choices. Trees come in all possible shapes, sizes, and colors. There are smaller ones you can put in a pot on your balcony or on your patio, or those larger ones that spread their branches widely in your yard. So, once again, choose your tree and its location carefully!

Add Furniture

Your garden should not be only for looking. After all this landscaping, you should be able to enjoy it. And, what better way to do that than to add some furniture and use your garden as an extra 'room' during warmer months? Again, garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, so it will be rather easy for you to find some pieces that suit your taste. If your garden is smaller, we recommend getting foldable furniture. On the other hand, if you have a lot of space, you can go all out. Consider buying a matching sitting set (table and chairs), a swing, a day bed, etc. You will enjoy organizing barbecues and get-togethers in your yard! And, when autumn and winter come, you can easily place this furniture in your garage. If you do not have one, simply find a storage provider with adequate conditions, and keep your yard furniture there until spring comes again.
 A garden.
Make sure that the furniture you choose for your yard is water-resistant too!
Pay Attention to Your Fence

A fence is a big part of a garden. It brings everything together while creating boundaries. So, it is necessary for you to make sure that your fence looks good. Make sure that your fence is coordinated with the rest of your garden. Choose its materials and color so that they match the overall look and style of the yard and your house. Luckily, there are many materials to choose from - wood, metal, concrete, etc. You can even grow your own living fence. However, whatever type of fence you choose, make sure that it is allowed by your neighborhood association as well, as these associations are very common in the city of Seattle. Also, do not forget to check with your neighbors to check whose fence it is before you start any work on it.
A fenced yard.
A fence is a big part of any yard - do not overlook it!
 Create Different Zones

In the first paragraph, we said that making a plan on how your yard should look is of key importance. If you scatter around all the trees, plants, and furniture, you will create a chaotic mess. What is more, you will create something you will not be willing to use later on. That is why everything in your yard must be coordinated and have its place. Have that in mind when deciding where you will put your sitting area, your patio, and each and every tree and flower. Moreover, if you have a bigger yard, we also recommend creating zones. For example, one zone will be only for sitting. Another zone will be only for planting flowers. And, if you have small children or pets, be sure you create one zone in your Seattle garden just for them.

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