May 25, 2020

Is your HVAC ready for the Summer?

Summer is fast approaching. Add the fact that we are all encouraged to stay at home right now for our safety, you want to make sure your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit is ready for high usage. Here are the things that you need to check to see if your HVAC is ready for the summer:

Check the Filter: Checking your filter is a must as far as the readiness of your HVAC unit is concerned. HVAC repair Attleboro MA company Sinclaire Home Services, advises homeowners to replace their filter at least once a month. If it is a permanent one, cleaning it thoroughly at least once a month is essential. If you have pets inside your house and smoking inside the house is a norm, cleaning or replacing the filter is a must.

Install a Programmable Thermostat: Using your HVAC unit can add to your electricity bill big time, and a programmable thermostat can be a big lifesaver. With a programmable thermostat, you can schedule when your HVAC needs to be working hard or not. Scheduling will not only save you money but it can prevent your HVAC unit from working too hard.
Clear the Vents: Your HVAC will run smoothly and efficiently if there are no obstructions to the airflow. You can check the vents by yourself and see if dust and debris are obstructing your vents. This is basic HVAC maintenance that you can do by yourself. If unsure, calling for professional help won’t hurt.

Install Fans to Maximize Air Flow: Installing fans can maximize the comfort your HVAC unit provides your home. There are several types of fans sold in the market: ceiling fans, tabletop fans, and floor fans. Setting the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise during summer is ideal as the air will flow downwards. The downward flow of air can prevent excess heat to rise up into the higher levels of your house and make your HVAC work less. If possible, have the smaller tabletop and floor fans running throughout the house to maximize the cool air flowing throughout the house.

Reduce Heat from other Appliances: To help your HVAC unit work less, it might be smart to avoid using big appliances that generate heat throughout the day. Using the grill instead of the oven to prepare a big dinner will help in lessening the heat your HVAC unit has to battle. Similarly, hang your clothes outside instead of using the laundry dryer.

Replace Your HVAC Unit: If your current HVAC unit is not running smoothly and efficiently, even with basic maintenance and energy-saving tips, maybe it’s time to replace your HVAC unit. Keeping your current HVAC might be more costly than you think. Most newer HVAC units are designed to be more efficient and less costly.

These tips can help you summer-proof your HVAC unit. If all else fails, seek help from a professional.

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