Mar 27, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Staging A House

If you want to sell your house, you need to stage it. Staging a house may sound like something sinister, but it is actually making your house attractive for the prospective buyer. To stage a house you need to:

Take care of exteriors:

The exteriors of a house need to be taken care of first. The buyer will make his impression based on the exterior of the house. So get a coat of paint if required for the exterior walls. If you have a lawn make sure that it is neat and clean and it is not dumped with machinery and tools etc. If you have a garage, store the machinery and tools there in a neat manner. Next check the windows and doors and apply caulk so that there are no gaps in between. If you have sash windows then check the cord and the lead sash weights so that they function smoothly. Also paint the doors and windows if required. Make sure the driveway is also neat and if possible make it better by placing plants every few feet. If you have a mailbox, paint it or you can even get a new mailbox, there are many new versions of mailboxes available online, you can check them.

Take care of interiors:

Every buyer likes a house that is not full of clutter. Furniture which is essential for you may seem like clutter for others, so make sure that most if not all of the furniture is neatly packed away in storage units. Open the windows and doors and let fresh light and air to waft in. This will make the room seem larger than it actually is. Ensure the kitchen is neat and clean, do not forget the faucet, if it is dripping you may not close the sale. Similarly with the bathroom, ensure that the faucets work, the tiles are not chipped etc. The bedroom should also provide a sense of relaxation to the buyer, so ensure that the colours of the room are in pastel colours. The garage should also be neat and clean, ensure it is so.

Once the exteriors and interiors are taken care of you can be sure that the prospective buyer will be impressed and you can easily get the price you are hoping for. However, if you do not stage the house as mentioned above, you potentially risk closing the deal. With each problem that the buyer sees the asking price will go down. If the kitchen appliances need repairs the buyer will quote very high repair fees and ask you to bring down your price, similarly with the other rooms too. The aim of staging is to get the buyer to buy at the asking price. The buyer should not feel like bargaining, once the bargaining starts it is usually a downward spiral and you will not get what you want and the buyer will be happy at getting a good home at a very low price.

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