Mar 23, 2020

7 Tips to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Green backyard
To create and design a beautiful backyard is not necessarily a thing only those who live in the countryside can do, as owning a small garden has become more and more popular in the past few years. Let us introduce you to seven tips on how to transform your small garden with just a little effort and determination.

1. Play With Shapes

You would be surprised at how the shapes in your small garden can make a big difference. One of the best small garden landscaping ideas we found out there: have a circular lawn in your square-shaped small garden. Or like putting a curved path of stones that will trick the eye into thinking that it is bigger than it is.

2. Think Vertical

If you own a small garden and you find yourself with a limited amount of ground space, no problem, just go and explore the vertical space of your small garden. Good examples would be growing vertical climbing beans or even sweetcorn. You can even plant the tallest flowers you can get your hands on, instead of planting bushy flowers.

3. Carefully Choose the Colors

When choosing how to grow a small garden, colors have a specifically interesting duty here. Exactly like owning a small apartment, where you look to influence people's perceptions by choosing complementary colors. For example, you can opt for pale-colored plant blooms just so you give a lighter appearance to your small garden design.

4. Avoid Clutter

Plants on a backyard
Nobody likes hoarders, especially when it comes to building a big world in a small garden outside of your house. Try to keep the garden furniture light and foldable and organize all the essential garden tools nearby.

5. Feature One Mirror

Although it might sound like a strange thing to do, installing a mirror in your small garden can be a good perception-bending addition, and trick the eye into thinking it is a much bigger space than it actually is.

As we all know, mirrors can bring space-perception to a whole new level, and it would be a shame if you wouldn’t profit from the science behind it.

Safety advice: Make sure the mirror is not in direct sunlight as you can risk starting a fire.

6. Emphasize Entryways

By adding a few plants and flowers near the entryways, you take your friends' eyes away from the small garden that you own. When the entry is inviting and lively, it can create a massive change of perception for the common eye.

7. Use All Available Space from Your Small garden

Do not forget to use the sides of your walls, the fence, and all the shed space you have.

The best idea, if possible, would be to install a small garden irrigation system so you can plant all the tomatoes you want and not worry about raining or weather. Instead of this, you can use tools like wall mount garden hose reel in order to make you able to water plants anytime by yourself.


Just because you own a small garden, it doesn’t mean you should feel frustrated about it, or that your friends have bigger gardens at their homes. All you should care about is making it perfect for you and your family, by using all sorts of small space tips that can trick the eye into perceiving it bigger than it is.

Ranging from color schemes to carefully chosen plants, the ideas can be wild, and we challenge you to come up with your own.

What ideas and tips did we miss? Feel free to share your experiences and stories about building a beautiful oasis in your humble small garden.

Author’s Bio: Kay Burton is a content writer and plumbing specialist. Originally from Boston, he moved to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist and joined a university for this. He likes covering topics that range from interior design to plumbing.


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