May 31, 2019

How Thorough Is Your Home Cleaning

For a lot of us, having a clean home is really important, not only for aesthetic reasons but also due to the health issues which may arise from a dirty and unsanitary home. Not only is your air much healthier to breathe if there is no dust in it, but also food remains and similar dirt can be a breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.
However, not all of us enjoy cleaning and therefore can sometimes do a superficial and casual job of it. We asked cleaning experts at Super Clean 360 who shared some places in your home which many people forget to clean and really shouldn’t.

Vacuuming Under the Bed

If you have carpets in your home (and even if you don’t), you probably know that the best way to clean the floor is vacuuming it. It takes a lot less time than sweeping, and it can be much more effective, especially if you have HEPA filters which remove much more dust than regular filters.

Still, people who vacuum their home around once a week should remember that there are some areas which they might be forgetting to clean. For instance, even though your bed is covering a large portion of your bedroom floor, that doesn’t mean that dust doesn’t collect there.

The fact you cannot see it and that it may be tricky to access just goes to show that it is really important to clean it.

Door Handles, Remote Controllers, Light Switches

Even though you may initially think that these three things have next to nothing in common with each other, on closer inspection you can see that they have one hugely important common thing – we touch them with our hands numerous times a day even without thinking.

That means that your hands might be dirty, or have some food residue on them when you touch any of these items. And we almost never think to clean them. Over time, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention how they may end up looking grimy and dirty.

Door and Window Frames

When it comes to general house cleaning, most people will focus mainly on vacuuming and dusting all of the rooms, but professional house cleaners know that there is so much more work to be done there.

A commonly missed part of the house are the door frames. Simply put, we don’t give them any second thought unless they are really dirty from something recent.

On the other hand, the dirt and dust which builds up over time is typically ignored. It can be fairly easily cleaned too. All you need is some soapy water and a damp cloth; and you also need to remember to do it every once in a while.

Under Your Microwave or Toaster

We tend to have more and more appliances in our kitchens. It is very convenient to have a toaster and a blender and a microwave instead of having to rely on doing things manually or using a regular oven or a stove.

Still, the downside to this also exists. Not only do you have more appliances to clean now, but you also have to clean around and under them. Think back, when’s the last time you cleaned under your microwave?

And food remains and similar dirt do collect there, there’s no doubt about it. However, we are used to having those appliances there, and moving them, even for a cleaning, is not really practiced often.

Keeping your home tidy and clean can be a rewarding experience in itself, especially if you get to the places which are often neglected. Think about that for your next big cleaning.

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