May 26, 2019

Home Remodelling Ideas

Look around your house and see how you can remodel your house. For starters, look under the staircase. If it’s an endless clutter of boxes and old newspapers, why not think of turning it into a home office? You can add a small desk and a wall shelf or two to the space. Give yourself enough electrical points for your computer and other devices, install a comfortable chair and now you’re good to go.
If you don’t need a home office, then putting a closet in that space might be a good idea. A closed doors approach will help keep out of sight boots, coats and other paraphernalia. You can also make it a linen cupboard or use it as a bar cabinet. Storage is always a must in any house and you can think of drawers under the crawl space of a bed, attractive boxes that double up as seating in the den and living room and under the sink storage in the laundry room and bathrooms.

Give your living room an added dimension by some art on the walls. Nothing decorates a room in a beautiful and meaningful manner than a shelf of books. Why not bring your beloved books from out of storage and stack them up on shelves and end tables? Do a mix and match of decorative objects and books and you’ll create a sense of cosiness. Plants also go a long way in creating healthful air and warmth. Choose low-maintenance plants to begin with and place them in different parts of your house. They add a touch of colour too.

It’s not only the inside that you can focus on to remodel. How about taking a step outside and seeing what can be done there? If the gate is sagging a little or the paint job on the mail box has come off, focus on making them better. The gate can be refitted back on its post with a few simple tools and you can go in for an all-new mail box or repaint the existing one. Stencilling the house number in a new and visible way will be visually appealing. If you can add some foliage and flowers around it, that will help too.

Remodelling should extend to the floors as well. There is something to be said about patio floors decorated with exquisite antique tiles. These tiles add a touch of pizazz and brighten up the entryway to a house in no time. Spanish tiles are geometric, orderly and full of colour. If you’d like to bring something one of a kind to your house, then go in for reclaimed tiles. You can never really say what colours will come your way with these tiles. They can range from a mild yellow to a warm red. Either you can do a mix and match or choose to go with a uniform look and feel. Either way, it makes for a striking impression. Use them to warm up the den or to add an edge to the backyard fire pit. Tiles are simple additions that go a long way.

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